Where’s Waldo? On Instagram!

Where’s Waldo? On Instagram!
November 9, 2015 admin
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We’ve all had or at least read one of the Where’s Waldo (Where’s Wally for anyone out of North America) children’s books. You know, those where you had to find the guy with glasses dressed with a striped red and white shirt? Well, what if we told you he’s now on Instagram? Well, it’s true!

wallyfound This is what @WallyFound pictures look like!

An anonymous photographer from London decided to create an Instagram account with Waldo as the main character. The account is called @WallyFound. The donly difference with the books is that in the pictures it’s pretty obvious where he is. You don’t actually have to look for him.

The account’s creator claims the main objective of this is to create some sort of new photography art and make people connect in a slightly different way through Instagram, since he considers this was the best social network to develop this project. However, he also has another objective. He wants to create a GoFundMe and eventually make a callendar with his best Waldo pictures from Instagram. With the money he makes from all that, he’ll be donating it to help save children who are struggling with cancer.

We think this is a wonderful idea, and it’s not something you read about every day! We encourage you to go follow his account and give it a quick look. It’s definitely worth it, and if it’s for a solidary cause, even better!

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