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Social media has become the order of the day! And also Instagram has completely revolutionized the way we witness visual content today. It enables businesses and people worldwide to connect with each other using video, graphics, and pictures. Also, Instagram has received new updates, which makes it even easier than before to market your business there.

Tagging another person on Instagram is an important feature that can facilitate new connection. Like tagging any other person in other social medium platforms, tagging on Instagram informs the user of a post. It helps to maximize the reach for visual marketing materials.

What is an Instagram tag?

Simply put, tagging is the process of generating a tag on Instagram. Here a person attaches a certain label to a status, post, video, or picture that groups it with other content making use of the same label. Tag is an easy way for businesses and people to increase their reach of a photo or a message on Instagram. Also, tags enable a user to find content such as videos and pictures that they might not otherwise encounter. The tags also get used in the “Instagram Tag a Friend” contests. Hence, tags have become a popular part of Instagram and other social media platforms.

Purchasing likes on Instagram

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How can you tag a business or people in a photo?

When you add an image on Instagram, you will get the option to tag different brands, businesses or people. If you want to tag a person or business in an Instagram image, use the following steps:

  • As you upload the image, click on the “Tag people” option
  • Tap the object or person in the image you wish to tag
  • Write the username, and it will appear like a drop-down menu on which you should click
  • Click on “Done”

How can you tag a person on Instagram caption?

Apart from tagging a person in an image, you can also tag someone or a business in the photo caption. Tagging someone or a business in a caption is meaningful if the caption mentions the person or the business. Also, a tag in the caption allows the followers to click on the tag to access the concerned profile. For tagging someone in the image caption, use these steps:

  • As you type the caption, type @ and also the username of the business or person
  • Click on the concerned username
  • Tap “Done”

A photo caption is also a place where you might want to make use of relevant hashtags along with the tag. But, again, it would help to maximize the reach of the post.

How to tag on an Instagram image after posting?

Did you forget to tag a person on an Instagram photo you uploaded? Or did you tag the wrong person? In both the cases, you have the chance to edit your image after you’ve uploaded it. You can follow these steps:

  • Go the concerned image in your profile
  • Click on the icon with three dots to your right, beneath the image
  • Click “Edit”
  • Click the icon to your left that resembles a person
  • Click on the image and tag the user, “Add People”
  • Click “Done” in “Add People” screen and then click “Done” in the “Edit Info” screen

How to tag someone in a comment?

The other way to make use of tags in Instagram is to tag in a comment. Tagging a user in an Instagram comment is useful when asking a question or addressing something to a concerned user. Also, if a person comments on your image, you can reply to them by tagging them in your comment. Tagging in a comment is similar to tagging in a caption. You can follow these steps:

  • Type @sign with the username
  • The username will pop up while you are replying even if you both don’t follow each other
  • Tap on the username
  • Post your comment

Tagging is an easy process on Instagram. It helps to increase the interaction between users. Also, tagging helps businesses to connect better with their followers and create detailed posts.

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