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Today, social media platforms have become one of the potent tools for any website owner. The correct use of social media platforms can assist your business to provide great customer service, maximize conversions and promote new content. Even though there are many social media platforms, Instagram is a leading name. The site got created back in 2010 as a means to share mobile photography online. And today it has created a name as a video and image sharing platform. Facebook currently owns Instagram, and it has a vast user base. Today, Instagram records more than 84.5 million active users daily. Also, Instagram has become one of the biggest social media platforms globally.

In spite of its initial focus, the reach that Instagram offers makes it the best place to promote a business or your website. The platform provides several advertising solutions. Also, its visual nature enables simple and effective content creation.

Purchase Instagram likes and comments

Before you opt in for garnering more traffic for your website on Instagram, it is essential to look at your existing social media reach. Your followers and other users will reflect their views and thoughts about your posts through their comments and likes. Therefore, it is necessary for every business profile on Instagram to have a decent share of comments and likes.

Do you feel you could do good with an addition of comments and likes on Instagram? If yes, then you can attain the same organically with some tried and tested strategies. However, if you happen to be in a hurry, you can also buy likes and comments depending on your requirement.

Using Instagram to generate traffic for your website

You might have a big follower count on Instagram. You won’t get to realize the real power of this platform until some of the users land upon your website. Do you want that to happen? If yes, here are few tactics to use.

1. Add links all through your profile

Every Instagram user has the choice to add a link in the bio. It’s the only place in your profile where you can add a link directly. Hence, it’s essential to leverage it. The bio needs to have a link to the page you want the users to visit. For example, the majority of businesses use a link to their homepage.

Your bio link will prove effective when you update it frequently. You might want to link it to a specific product or page on your website, which is associated with any one of your Instagram posts. You can use phrases such as “link in bio” on the post. It will maximize the number of users who will click on the link.

2. Use the Instagram insights

You might not realize that Instagram provides a detailed analytics solution in its base service. The in-built tool, Instagram Insights, helps you to have access to data about your audience. The data will let you know the posts that have got maximum interactions. You will also know the times a specific link got followed.  You Will also get to know when your audience is most active. You can share your future content at peak times.

Do you have an available budget? If yes, you can check out some paid advertising options which Instagram offers. Facebook owns, which is a platform that is known for its targeting and advertising solutions. Hence, Instagram offers several such options. It allows you to promote your social media content and also keeps the expenses low.

3. Get creative with Instagram Stories.

Even though its relevance gets overlooked, Instagram Stories is a good way to promote your content. The stories option adds to the linking back option. The users can swipe the screen, and they will land upon the desired page.

If you want to use the "swipe up" feature, you need to have a verified account. You might also get this scope when you have 10,000 followers. A robust online marketing strategy can maximize your scope of reaching this target easily.

Even when you don't have this option, Instagram Stories is a good way to bring new content and notify the users about your recent posts in the feed, which they might miss out on. You might want to make use of the “Questions” sticker to communicate with your audience directly and stay open to any queries that they might have.

When you purchase likes and comments on Instagram, it adds an increased value to your profile. Today, there are service providers that enable you to buy these likes and comments. To know more about it, you can check out These comments and likes are real and don't appear forced. It will complement your existing likes and comments and will encourage more people to interact with your post. You can purchase the same at an affordable price.

These are a few of how you can maximize your website traffic through Instagram.

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