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When you come across a website which offers you the chance to buy 20 real likes on Instagram, as well as other Instagram features, you need to be aware of what you are going to do with the features once you have paid the money for them and the likes are waiting for you to use them. There are many ways that they can be used but it is crucial to make the most of them and employ the best strategy in relation to what you want to achieve with them and what your resources allow you to do. There is always the option to go back and buy more but if you plan it carefully, the ones you pay for at the beginning can go a lot further than you initially imagined. As such, it is worth taking your time to settle on a strategy that maximizes the potential of these paid-for features.

What to do with likes?



Pay by MasterCard, Visa, Maestro or AmericanExpress card



Pay by MasterCard, Visa, Maestro or AmericanExpress card

Likes are part and parcel of how Instagram works. You upload content and, sooner or later, the likes start rolling in. Likes can come from anywhere: from your followers, other Instagram users who have been tagged in the comments, people who have found the post by searching for hashtags used in the post or from random Instagrammers who have stumbled across the content. Wherever they may come from, likes are a sign from one Instagram user to another that the content posted has drawn some kind of positive response, and thus provide something of a confidence boost for the recipient.

Likes can be one of the easiest ways for a post or an Instagram user to gain visibility on the social network. If a post gets a lot of likes, it has the chance to go viral and it may start popping up in recommendations for other Instagram users so getting likes is important. If you are paying for likes, you can use them by adding a few at a time if you are looking to draw attention to a particular post. Depending on your average number of likes, adding a few here and there should do enough to catch people's attention.

How to get the most out of comments

Comments are another important part of Instagram's interaction algorithm and can also be bought. Comments offer much more variety than likes and, therefore, more can be done with them if you are paying for them but are not sure how to use them to your advantage. Comments come in all shapes and sizes. Generally, they serve as expansions of the positive reaction offered by likes or they can be used to send on well wishes, though they can also include negative reactions or criticism.

Comments can be used to tag other users who you feel may be interested in the content on show or they can be used to ask for more information about whatever is in the post. If you are paying for comments, it is a good idea to go for the two latter approaches when putting them to work. By having comments filled with tagged users, more and more people will see the post, people that may not have been exposed to it in the first place. Additionally, if you use the comments to provide more information to inquisitive users, it shows other Instagram users that you are approachable and open to conversations with them. This will give other users the confidence to ask you a question and gives you the opportunity to develop a friendly communication style, something which people will appreciate.

What can followers do for you?

Followers are the Instagram users who have had their attention caught by your profile and content and believe that they would be interested in keeping a closer eye on it. To do so, they follow you and are kept up-to-date with the latest content you add to your account and the interaction you have with other users. Once you start getting followers, you know you are heading in the right direction as it shows that your content is proving to be a hit.

If you are paying for followers then the best strategy is to take a measured approach. This means that if you pay for ten followers, you shouldn't add them all at once. It is best to add one, maybe two, every week or so. While it may not be a large number, the new followers will also engage with your profile and this added interaction will see an increase in your profile's popularity. It will appear to be more natural and may naturally attract additional followers. If you add ten followers all at once, you will see a sudden spike in your profile's interaction but this will gradually even out. By adding one at a time, you see a steady growth for your profile.

Know what you are paying for

Because of the wealth of websites out there offering Instagram users the chance to pay for Instagram features, the quality of the service of each one cannot be guaranteed. It is important for the reputation of your profile to make sure that you are getting these Instagram features from genuine Instagram accounts. If you are not sure if an account is genuine or not, have a look at it. Genuine accounts will have original content of their own, such as photos and Stories, as well as their own followers and other interaction with different users. On the other hand, bot accounts tend not to have as much detail and it can harm a user's reputation if they are seen to be using bots. Once you know that you are paying for a quality service then you won't have to worry.

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