Stalk People on Instagram!

Stalk People on Instagram!
October 1, 2015 admin
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We’ve all stalked people on Instagram at least once in our lives. Nobody can deny that. But we’re always at risk when going through the app. I mean, most of us probably suffered the accidental like. You know, when you’re scrolling and accidentally click on “like” on a picture of the profile you’re stalking. But no worries, they just came up with an app to fix that!

instasnoop instagram Picture of the Instasnoop application for Instagram.

The app is called Instasnoop (the name fits well, right?). The model Olivia Orchowski came up with the idea while stlaking her exboyfriend’s new girlfriend. Typical. Well, thanks to this app you can add people you want to stalk to a list you can create. You can also select certain pictures and save them on the app in case you want to look at them in the future without having to look for them again.

Now, you might be thinking that you can do the same thing without using an app, but bear in mind that this app gives you many more functions than just simply going undercover with your phone into another profile, where the only thing you can do is just look at pictures.

Maybe you’re not the kind of person that stalks, but we think the app is pretty curious and it might be worth to at least give it a try! Protection Status for