Rubén Espinosa’s Instagram Account

Rubén Espinosa’s Instagram Account
August 3, 2015 admin
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Rubén Espinosa was a Mexican photographer and photojournalist whose work helped denounce crime in Mexico, especially in the State of Veracruz, the toughest one for journalists and information professionals. His Instagram account serves as a living tribute to social justice in his country and as a reminder that, if we can, we must oppose to injustice.

Last Friday, five bodies were found in a flat in Mexico City – five women and one man. It wasn’t much heard of until Espinosa’s sister allegedly recognized her brother’s body in the morgue. Yesterday, it was officially confirmed. Social networks went crazy, and the hashtag #JusticiaParaRubén (Justice for Rubén) was created.

He used to work for several magazines and papers denouncing injustice in Mexico, especially in Veracruz, the state in which crime and violence have struck most. Espinosa had received dead threats when he was working in Veracruz, so he decided to move to Mexico in order to be safer. Nevertheless, he was followed, and, more importantly, he was murdered in a neighborhood which was deemed sure, since it was far from the conflictive areas of the capital city.

Espinosa's depiction of a demonstration of people against the building of a new highway in the State of Mexico Espinosa’s depiction of a demonstration of people against the building of a new highway in the State of Mexico

However, Rubén hasn’t left us completely alone, since his work is still been admired, and hopefully will long be. He had an Instagram account (@espinosafoto) in which he posted more than 1400 images. Nearly 1.5 thousand pictures – what can we not find here! People fighting for their land and demonstrating for their rights, but also a very good collection of photographs depicting everyday life in Mexico City. Bright, astounding images which make us shiver with emotion.

Let Rubén’s Instagram account serve as a tribute for all those who lost their lives fighting for the truth. Let it remind us that justice needs fighting, and that now it is more important than ever.