Poetry on Instagram

Poetry on Instagram
August 13, 2015 admin
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Instagram is a place where you can find anything, from the latest picture of a celebrity to the first photograph of Pluto. Apart from a few things that can’t be shown on the network, there’s no limit to what you can find or post. That’s why some people use Instagram as a platform to promote art. Today, we’re focusing on poetry.

Four million posts. That’s the number of pictures filed under the tag #poetry on Instagram. Thousands of people upload poetry every day, whether it be their own works or someone else’s they admire. There are some accounts that focus exclusively on poetry and on the way it is represented. Rio Jones (@riojones7) is a poet based in Albuquerque. He writes poetry because the real world seems overwhelming to him – sometimes. Other times it just doesn’t seem enough. It is the way he gets out of a state in which he doesn’t know whether he’s awake or sleeping. He writes his poetry on his typewriter, then uploads pictures of it to Instagram. So far, he is almost 100 followers away from a thousand.

One of Rio's poems on his Instagram account. One of Rio’s poems on his Instagram account.

Another American, Tony Ciampa (@emolabs), moved to Texas from Massachusetts and created an Instagram profile to make friends. Then he started experimenting with poetry. He wrote his first poem on a hill, took a photo of it and uploaded. That’s how his story started. He created the hashtag #fourpartpoems, due to the way he writes them on his notebook, and has been uploading one of them daily. Unlike Rio’s poems, Tony’s are handwritten and always have a nice background behind them. He got inspired by @lidiagulyas (who apparently doesn’t have an account anymore), from whom he took the photographic style.

What about you? Do you write poetry or share it on Instagram? Tell us!