Original Instagrams to Follow

Original Instagrams to Follow
May 23, 2016 admin
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It’s nice to update the people you follow on Instagram every once in a while. That way, you can change the kind of content that you’ll be seeing on your feed every once in a while, like a breath of fresh air. So today we’re going to show you a few Instagrams that we’ve found really cool and interesting, in case you want to follow them!

instagram grandma betty A picture of Grandma Betty, uploaded some weeks ago to her official account.

The first one we want to show you is Alexis Diaz. He’s an artist from Puerto Rico and his Instagram is full of his art. He’s known especially for painting murals, and he’s just great at it. His artwork is extremely unique and it’s quite difficult to find someone with a similar style.

Simone Bramante also has quite the Instagram account. He’s known for being a storyteller and for his awesome photography. In his account you can see hundreds of pictures full of pure magic. They’re jaw-dropping.

Have you ever wanted to visit Paris but still didn’t get the chance to yet? Thanks to Carin Olsson, you can see every corner of this French city. Since this Instagrammer moved to Paris, she’s been documenting her life there. And honestly, her account is amazing and extremely elegant.

And last, but not least, we’ve got Grandma Betty. This super adorable old lady is one of Instagrams most loved. She was fighting against severe lung cancer, and sadly passed away in 2014. However, her account still remains more or less active by her family, and people still share lots of love for her.