Not Your Typical Instagram Account

Not Your Typical Instagram Account
January 18, 2016 admin
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When someone asks you to recommend them an Instagram account, it’s usually because they’re sick of seeing the same exact things from the same exact people constantly on their timeline. So today we’re going to do exactly just that: give you a few different Instagrams you can check out!

nutella instagram The Nutella builder.

The first one is called @jermzlee. There are lots of accounts dedicated exclusively to cats. Others to dogs. But what this one goes to a whole new level. It’s all about pugs! One pug, actually. The owner might have too much time on their hands, but we’re really grateful for that. In this account you’ll see lots of pictures of a lovely pug, even some pug selfies!

How many people like chocolate? How about Nutella? How about a Nutella-filled Instagram? If you don’t believe it, you can just go check out @wardere and see for yourself! Christmas Nutella, Nutella at the beach, Nutella chillin’ on some grass… It’s crazy, and we love it.

Last, but not least we want to show you @hotdudesreading. The account is literally what the name says: pictures people take of hot dudes reading in public spaces. Who knows, maybe one day you might see yourself or someone you know uploaded there!