Learn How to Edit from Pros

Learn How to Edit from Pros
April 11, 2016 admin
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The majority of Instagram users that upload pictures to their account usually edit their pictures before posting them online. Who hasn’t edited a picture? And editing isn’t just adding pictures. Editing is literally anything you do to the picture to modify it from the original.

Hippo app Hippo App.

Editing includes any changes in lighting, color, etc. And obviously, filters. There are many apps out there that let you edit pictures making them look really professional even if you really have no idea about picture editing. But sometimes, even with these easy-to-use tools it can sometimes still be hard to edit a picture properly.

Today we’re presenting you an app called Hippo Pics. This app has professional photographers and photoeditors that not only allow you to see how they edit pictures, but they can also help you edit your own. To see how a picture was edited, you can just simply keep your finger on an edited picture and you’ll be able to see the original one.

You can also submit a picture of your own and see how they edit it, as a community (which means you can edit other people’s pictures too). And you can later upload that edited picture to your personal Instagram account. However, on this website they’re very stict about uploading original content. So avoid uploading anybody else’s work whatsoever!