Being the kind of social network it is, Instagram allows users to share almost whatever they like. The only censorship it applies, as you may, already know, regards sexual content, which is strictly prohibited by the Terms and Conditions. But, out of that, everything goes.

Take food, for example. Lots of blogs and pages on social networking sites are devoted to food. It can become a passion for many, and can also adopt a wide variety of shapes. It is not the same to follow a page featuring desserts than one devoted to meat or poultry. Nowadays, healthy food has become the most important trend.

That’s why @nourishandevolve, an account managed by a 16-year-old chef from Melbourne called Tina Gan, has been featured by Instagram’s blog and Weekend Hashtag Project, a series which highlights specific hashtags chosen by Instagram over weekends, starting on Fridays.

Some of the dishes by Gan on her Instagram account

Some of the dishes by Gan on her Instagram account

What can we see, for instance, at Gan’s account? First of all, you notice how tasty everything seems. The predominantly vegetable dishes have a wonderful look, and they immediately catch your attention. Whether it is because of their arrangement (you can find a fruit salad which looks like an owl, a tower made out of yummy-looking chocolate cookies and fruit mixes which seem like works of art) or because of how tasty they seem, it’s clear as water that it is successful – 76.8k followers are not gained through an ordinary account.

The best about this kind of accounts is not only that you can see such flavored dishes, but that you can emulate most of them. It is a shame that most food accounts in Instagram don’t include recipes for their dishes, but there are many which do not need one at all. It can also be an inspiration, and then no recipe is needed! Protection Status for