Instagram, Yoga, Health and Self-Love

Instagram, Yoga, Health and Self-Love
July 16, 2015 admin

Her name is Jessamyn Stanley, but she has become famous not because of it, but because of her way of practicing yoga. Stanley shares her postures on Instagram, where nearly one hundred thousand people follow her profile (@mynameisjessamyn). However, she’s not the regular skinny yogi you’re used to see. She defines herself as a “fat femme.”

She started doing yoga when she was 16, eleven years ago. It became a passion and made her want to share her postures with people around the world. Now, 545 pics are available so far on her Instagram profile, where she has uploaded them for a long time. She defines herself as an addict to self-success. Her work has inspired a lot of people who were hesitating to take yoga seriously, as it seems that you need a thin, fit body to get into it.

Jessamyn on one of her pics Jessamyn on one of her pics

She has also recommendations for those who want to take yoga seriously, like photographing every step of the process (because it improves after a few tries) in order to be aware of the progress made. She also advocates for self-love no matter what you look like, especially when you’re a woman, under constant pressure to be desirable and beautiful. According to Jessamyn, that way of thinking fills us with negative energy, which is to blame for unhappiness throughout the whole body.

Long story short, what Jessamyn does is encouraging people to love themselves the way they are, no matter their shape or size. One of the aims of yoga is realizing that what counts is the spiritual soul, not the material body, and that is precisely what Jessamyn is preaching. Yoga has seemed to work relieving pain or helping cancer patients recover more quickly.

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