Instagram to Organise Pics Linked to Important Events

Instagram to Organise Pics Linked to Important Events
June 25, 2015 admin
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Despite having had a complete visual renovation not long ago, Instagram has not ceased to surprise users with new features. What’s the latest one?

It is an important one, since it will let us look at what we like without having to go through infinite tags or do a bazillion searches. Put simply, it will gather photos that have something in common and show them under a title. No matter what, since architecture, extreme sports, geography or tourism have already been announced as topics.

These updates, which will only be available in the USA, will consist of “trending topics” shown on Instagram’s main page, which will be updated live and will include events and popular places or holidays. Musicians, athletes, buildings and dream-like shores and beaches will be available at just a click. Thus users will be able to look up pics related to an event or a place they have visited.

Instagram will organize pics by topic Instagram will organize pics by topic

With this update, Instagram will be like Twitter or Snapchat, which do offer live content updating. Until now, it was very difficult, let’s say, to look up photos of a music festival that had recently taken place, which could be classed under a hundred different names or hashtags – it was chaotic. Now everything will be easier.

What we can’t help wondering is: will Instagram let users create their own pic collections? It would be quite interesting to see what people on Instagram are interested on, letting them choose and pick the pics they want to organize under the same label. Maybe you’d discover that that one person you’ve been following for their beautiful landscapes is also a passionate of plants and wildlife, or that the boy who uploads urban art also likes vintage writing devices. Anyway, a world of wonders. Let’s hope it develops just as every update has on Instagram – well.