Instagram Couple Marries at First Sight

Instagram Couple Marries at First Sight
February 1, 2016 admin

In the world we live today, it’s very common for people to meet on the Internet. Lots of people have online friends, and also lots of people have made online couples. And Instagram is one of those websites where people also meet and sometimes end up going out together. Today we’re going to tell you the curious story of a couple that met through that social network.

erica instagram Picture of Erica with her son.

Their names are Erica Harris and Arte Vann. Their relationship was all Instagram, and they talked, shared videos, photos, music and poems that slowly led them to fall in love. The other day they decided to finally meet up in person, so Arte took a flight to California to visit her. What nobody expected was that seconds after seeing each other for the first time ever, he proposed to her.

But that’s not all. He proposed and she accepted, but they also decided to get married right at the airport! I guess they didn’t want to waste any time. They were both interviewed afterwards and they claimed they were already completely in love through Instagram, and Arte knew Erica was the woman of his life.

Although this event was pretty recent, Erica already uploaded pictures of it to her personal account to share with the world. This isn’t a common love story, and it might seem a bit crazy, but we sure hope it goes great for them and their family!