Innovation to get fast followers on Instagram

Innovation to get fast followers on Instagram
January 28, 2018 Merle. i4L Staff Writer
Innovation to get fast followers on Instagram

Here are some accounts that get fast followers on Instagram through innovation.

It’s very usual to find accounts on Instagram with the same patron of thematic, photos or comments. On our previous posts, we talk to you about models and how to be a fashion influencer. This is a great option to get fast followers on Instagram. But there are others options like using news and different photos or different subjects than the rest. So, we have now the case of a different account with a more interesting subject, this is, who uses innovation on his posts or topics.

That is the case of Oldushka, a model agency account. Up to here everything normal, but their models aren’t the typical young boys and girls. Their models are from forty five years old to eighty five years. Thanks to this; they get fast followers on Instagram.

Igor Gavar is the founder of this agency. He wants to show to the world the perfection and the life of a group of retirees. Immediately, Igor’s account and Oldushka’s account, thanks to this innovation, got fast followers on Instagram. He has more than twenty thousand of followers on his account, and more than twenty five thousand of followers on Oldushka’s account.

Everything has been a success, as all they are working with fashion brands and advertising agencies. Igor says: “the beauty is a quality that is gaining value over the years.” A beautiful way to promote the importance of the old people and their strength to work and fight for equality.

We are in modern times in which everything is changing. We are breaking the society’s standards for the benefit of happiness. A new time, in which social media is very important to reach the integrity of the society and to achieve dreams. For this reason it’s important to get fast follower on Instagram through innovation.