Gain active Instagram followers thanks to their complaints.

Gain active Instagram followers thanks to their complaints.
March 11, 2018 Merle. i4L Staff Writer
Gain active Instagram followers thanks to their complaints.

Some people recur to Instagram to report the inequality and gain active Instagram followers.

It has been recently, on March 8, this means International Women’s Day, that day women from all countries over the world claimed for labour and social equality. With big strikes, they claimed for the necessity to reform society. The most important example was Spain with its first feminist strike in which about 6 million women participated. But unfortunately, we live in a world far from equality. For this reason, some women use Instagram to fight for equality and to gain active Instagram followers.

Our first example is the account Bye Felipe. With this account, Alexandra Tweten wants to report the messages and abuses that women receive daily and to gain active Instagram followers that support her. Her account has more than four hundred thousand of followers who want to share and read the different complaints that Alexandra posts on her account.

She tries to report the abuse and bad attitudes of many men when they are rejected in their attempt to flirt. Are these comments and abuses of the men necessary? This is one example of actions to eradicate and is important to use Instagram to gain active Instagram followers to fight together for equality.

Our second example is Tess Holliday. She is a famous large size model who wants to fight for the equality in the fashion world, where it’s impossible to see women with large sizes, but it’s very easy to see men with very different bodies working as models. At the moment, thanks to her Instagram’s posts, she gets to gain active Instagram followers and reaches more than one million of followers.

So, Tess fights to reach the true equality in the fashion world through her Instagram account, where she complaints about the inequality of the world, in the case of the sexuality or body sizes.

These are only a few examples about women and men fight to change the society and to reach the equality. Thanks to Instagram, if we gain active Instagram followers we can fight together to reach our goal. Protection Status for