These friends show their friendship and gain active followers

Everybody is connected thanks to friendship. For this reason it’s very important to use Instagram to connect with our followers and to share in our publications how our life is. Some people prefer to share publications having fun with their hobbies, while others prefer to share publications with their friends. With these two actions, you can gain active followers.

Today, we are going to focus to gain active followers with publications with some special friends. Why? Because we usually talk about hobbies or professions, like travelling or cooking. And what kind of friends are we talking about then? About the best friends in the world: animals.



We have the case of Dave Cox, an American, who lost part of his life when his best friend, his dog Cort, died. They had a great connection and a great friendship. For this reason when Cort died, Dave fell into a deep depression. Until one day he decided to adopt a new pet, but it was necessary that it was a different pet. He didn`t want another dog, so when he found Sammi, he decided to adopt and to take him to home.

But, who is Sammi? Sammi is a brown chicken who loves his new home and his new best friend. Dave wants to show to the world how good it can be to have a chicken as a pet, so he created an Instagram account: Sammi Chicken.

Today, his account has more than six thousand of followers and every day, they gain active followers, who want to see how happy Sammi is. Sammi is the most famous chicken of the world, and proove of it is that everybody wants to take a picture with him.

Now, you know that you can gain active followers thanks to your best friend your pet. If you have an extraordinary pet, you will gain more active followers. So, you can show us your pet swimming on the beach, howling in the moonlight or imitating celebrities. Protection Status for