<strong>To boost my followers on Instagram is necessary to increase my interaction on social media, so we have done an experiment and we’re going to tell you the result.

The dictionary defines follower like a person who follows another in regard to his ideas or beliefs. Now, we know the meaning of followers and how important it is to interact with people on social media. For this reason we have done an experiment with a fake account using different ways to boost his followers on Instagram. After the experiment, we eliminated the account and now we are going to answer the question: How can I boost my followers on Instagram?

My first step was to create an attractive profile with information about my job, my hobbies and localization. Of course, our profile picture is important too, because it’s like our identification document on Instagram. After choosing a correct picture and choosing the correct words, I boost my followers on Instagram from zero to a hundred.

The second step was to choose a theme for our main posts. Are we going to be a foodie or a traveller? You have to show your followers your main theme. But of course, you can use a secondary theme. In my case, I choose landscapes for a main thematic; I want to be a traveller, and food as a secondary thematic. Thanks to some pictures from Google and some others of my own food; I boost my followers on Instagram to one thousand.

Of course, I needed to increase my followers to be an influencer, so I needed to perfect my posts. What is my recommendation? You need to choose the most awesome, natural and beautiful pictures, and use a little but important description about your picture, and to use hashtags to capture news followers. The result, I boost my followers on Instagram again and get more than two thousands of followers.

It was a little experiment and I needed about twenty days to get more than four thousand followers, so be patient and choose correctly your profile, theme and your posts. You need to be positive and remember: “I boost my followers on Instagram to become influencer”.