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Every business nowadays is going through numerous challenges to maintain its position in marketing due to the ongoing pandemic. A lot has changed and business owners need to think a little bit out of the box now especially when it comes to customer retention. The pandemic has transformed the needs and wants of the customers and the budget has also varied a lot. Brands need to focus on these aspects and accordingly build strategies to retain the customer.

What options do brands usually explore to retain their customers? Well, the foremost option is delivering value to their customers such that they are satisfied and get attached to their product or brand. The last and the most effective option is combining social media marketing with celebrity endorsements.

Is it really necessary to combine both these strategies? Well, the pandemic has forced everyone to stay at their respective homes, be it an ordinary person or a celebrity. This has made an emotional connection between people and celebrities. So in these times, social media marketing using celebrities is a very effective marketing tactic for the brands looking to efficiently retain their existing customers as you must be aware of the fact that bringing one new customer is much more difficult than retaining ten existing customers.

Why Choose To Do Marketing On Instagram?

Instagram, which was very far from matching the popularity of Facebook in the past decade has left everyone behind as is surely the most heavily used social media platform. In today’s scenario, every person, be it of any status is available on Instagram. To build more credibility, businesses can also try services like buy 20 Instagram likes.

Brands nowadays look to reach the maximum number of audiences at once and Instagram is a platform that can help them do the same. Especially, the pandemic has left everyone at home and people nowadays are more engaged on social media platforms like Instagram. Brands and businesses should see this as an opportunity to reach the audience and build a long-existing relationship with them. The emotional connection due to the marketing also opens room for better customer retention. However, customer retention isn’t so easy.

How Celebrities Play An Important Role In Purchase Decision And Customer Retention?

The current marketing era known as the relationship era brands try and establish a strong and long-lasting relationship between themselves and their target audience. If brands can make an emotional connection with their customers, customer retention becomes automatic. But how do brands establish those types of relationships? Well, there are many ways to do the same but the one that is trending these days is celebrity endorsement. Most people are inspired by celebrities and people follow them without any second thoughts. People already have an emotional connection with the celebrities as they have been following them for a long time. Also, platforms like Instagram have made it easier for people to stay attached to their favorite celebrities.

Brands nowadays, look to use the emotional connection between people and celebrities. The brands try to establish the same trust that people have in their favorite celebrities. This works better than it sounds as celebrities act as influencers who influence the purchase decision of the target audience. If a brand employs this marketing strategy, it can do wonders and may also cover the shortcomings of a brand.

What Role Does A Celebrity Play In Instagram Marketing?

Almost all celebrities nowadays use Instagram and people consider Instagram as an ideal platform to keep in touch with their favorite celebrities, be it sportsperson, actor, actresses, or any other celebrity. So, brands nowadays have tried to use this connection to advertise their products, services, and brand in general. By celebrities automatically have a higher value for people.

Instagram is heavily used by the younger generation. And the connections they build are very emotional. So, brands have continuously influenced the younger generation by promoting celebrity endorsements on Instagram. This works very well because the younger people try to become like the celebrities that they follow.

Earlier celebrity endorsements were targeted to boost sales and improve brand. Awareness but nowadays Instagram marketing by celebrities plays an important role in retaining customers. You must have seen several celebrities advertise a specific brand for a very long time. This is because brands want to retain their customers and as soon as their favorite celebrity promotes it, they are most likely to stick with them. That is the kind of impact celebrity endorsements have in the current scenario.

Rise Of Instagram Marketing Using Celebrities Have Increased During The Pandemic

The arrival of the global pandemic forced everyone to stay at home, be it, anyone. Many sports celebs who were away from their main job endorsed several brands. As they also saw this as an opportunity to earn at home. So, the cases of celebrity endorsements increased a lot since the pandemic.

Unlike other platforms, Instagram is one social media platform that has evolved itself for people to stick to it. This is why brands pay hefty amounts of money to the celebrities who post about the products or services of their brand. Due to the huge fan following of the celebrities on Instagram, brands gain unreal benefits. Brands use Instagram as a channel of marketing and it has worked out very well until now.

Even if you are an established business or brand, you have to keep evolving your marketing strategies with the changing times as people change their needs and want according to the same. If you want to beat the heavy competition in the market and grow continuously, you have to keep trying innovative marketing techniques now and then.

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