Hot Migrants Instagram Account Controversy

Hot Migrants Instagram Account Controversy
March 14, 2016 admin
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Most of us are probably already aware of the immigration problem in Europe. Due to wars in other coutnries, people have to flee from their own homes and not only look for a better future in Europe, but actually looking to survive. Well, in this context it seems that someone decided to create an Instagram account dedicated to immigrant men, but it’s not the kind of account you might be imagining.

migrants instagram Example picture taken from Hot Migrants.

It’s an account dedicately exclusively to attractive immigrants! The account is called @hotmigrants and it’s basically only that. There aren’t many pictures uploaded yet since it was created not too long ago. The creator of the account said he decided to create it after seeing a very attractive immigrant on television. He took a screenshot of him and uploaded it to Instagram. And now he’s doing the same with many more.

Of course, lots of people thought this idea was quite offensive. While these people are fleeing their country looking for a better life, others that are in a good situation spend their time selecting the “attractive” ones and uploading their faces. People found this to be offensive and claimed that the creator of the account wasn’t taking the situation seriously. He answered a few interviews without revealing his identity and claimed that that wasn’t the point of the account at all.

But of course, didn’t he think of the consequences this would have? Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all, even if his intention wasn’t to make the whole immigration situation less “dramatic” than it really is.