Funny things to get active followers

Funny things to get active followers
November 11, 2017 Merle. i4L Staff Writer
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Funny things are a part of our lives and they are very compatible with Instagram. There are some users whose jokes get them active followers.

We talked on previous post about how you can get followers using your children. In this post we show you how you can get active followers with funny things and jokes. These people started with some jokes, and now they have more than a hundred thousand followers.

The first example is Joel Strong with his account Mydadwithleo. His work is about manipulating photos to get fantasy scenes with famous people on everyday moments and stop motions scenes. He uses pictures of celebrities like Will Smith, Donald Trump, Miley Cyrus or Leonardo DiCaprio, (to whom he dedicated his first work to), at funny scenes. From his first pictures until the last one, he gets more than one hundred fifty actives followers who love his unique project.

The second example is Carl Bradbury, he only has a few followers, with his two accounts together he has about fifty thousand followers on Instagram. Nevertheless, all his followers are active and leave him likes and comments on his posts. The principal topic of his posts is parodies of songs with unusual names he finds on Facebook, which let him to get active followers.

The third example, and the most famous user on Instagram, is Arron Crascall. He is famous for the great diversity of funny videos that he films: singing, surprising people or joking around on public places. Right now he has more than one million of active followers, showing that with jokes you can get active followers.

Arron also does videos with his friends, daughter about daily life moments. All this makes his account funny and interesting for active followers.

In conclusion, funny things are very important in our lives, so if you want to get active followers take a camera and do crazy things!