Purchase followers to become an influencer

Purchase followers to become an influencer
November 5, 2017 Merle. i4L Staff Writer
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Here we leave you a list of the top influencer around the world and how they increase their followers purchasing followers.

Nowadays, influencers are the new idols. They mark fashion, advice about how can we take care of our health, give advice to their followers about how to cook or where we can travel. But, they don’t start their Instagram accounts with a lot of followers, they need to become an influencer, therefore, they purchase followers when they begin on Instagram.

So, let’s give you a list of the top influencers in the five continents and how much followers they get through purchasing followers. They are famous for their makeups tutorials, their awesome clothes or their amazing travels.

The first one we talk about is Sonia Pinto, from the African continent, who has thirty-eight thousands followers, a low number in comparison with the others influencers. She is the example about the necessity to purchase followers if you want to influence in foreign countries. Her followers are only from Africa, it’s a shame because her pictures are amazing.


From the Asian continent, we have got the make-up influencer Rati Tehri Singh. She has a hundred sixty-three thousand followers, a bigger number than Sonia. Nevertheless, she isn’t very well-known outside her continent, so for her it is quite important to purchase followers in other continents so her influence could become greater.


From the European continent, we have got the model influencer Xenia Tchoumitcheva. She became famous in Switzerland on 2006 when she participated for Miss Switzerland. Now her famousness gives her a lot of followers, about one million two hundred thousand, who are eager to see her life, and how she travels because of her modelling career all around Europe.


From the Oceanic continent, we have Sjana Elise Earp. She has about one million three hundred thousand followers who want to see her healthy and yoga life. Her account was boosted when she purchased followers at the very beginning. Now she has a lot of influence thanks to her yoga pictures and the oceanic paradise.


From the American continent and on the top of this influencers list, we have Huda Kattan. She is famous thanks to her make-up lessons. Her followers even reach the around twenty million, all of them want to see her advices to be a make-up artist. Her followers live around the world, and because of this, her influence reaches more people than the ones of the others influencers on the list. When she started with Instagram, she had to purchase followers to be an Instagram celebrity so she could launch her own make-up line.


Now you know the benefits of purchasing followers on Instagram and how important is to become a great influencer.

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