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With over one billion monthly active users, Instagram is unarguably one of the most powerful social media platforms. What makes it more important for businesses is that a whopping 80% of them follow at least one brand, and 60% report discovering new brands or products on Instagram. The point of these statistics is to drive home the fact that if a business is not on Instagram today, it is losing valuable custom to the competition. It is, therefore, vital for businesses to understand what makes for high-performing content on Instagram, especially when its algorithm is program to prioritize content most relevant to users. Some insights into Instagram content that is sure to deliver:

Posts by Influencers 

The world over, Instagram users love to see people they admire and respect, even if it is on content, they know to be sponsored by brands. Because they command a great deal of influence on their followers, posts by them endorsing products and brands relevant to users can significantly boost the rate of engagement, boost brand reach, and drive more traffic to the websites. The key is to select an influencer with the right fit for the brand and whose followers are your target audience, according to Influencer Marketing Hub.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

More than the curated content offered by all brands, followers on Instagram love to see what goes on behind the scenes of their favorite brands. By giving them access to exclusive content of this kind, brands can make their followers feel special and privileged. Behind-the-scenes content also offers a valuable opportunity to brands to highlight their brand personality and humanize their brands to potential customers. The authentic connection achieved by this type of Instagram content generates a lot of engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares. It also goes a long way in building a loyal community that actively promotes the brand. While the strategy works equally well for big brands and local businesses, it gives a good opportunity for local businesses to seek support from their communities.

Content Depicting Community Engagement 

People love to support businesses that give back to the community. It is the reason why a business can benefit significantly from content that shows how it is contributing to the welfare of the community it operates in. This kind of content integrates the business better with the community and makes them more loyal to it. If you are keen on giving more momentum to your engagement, you can buy 50 Instagram likes for a nominal amount.

User-Generated Content 

It is observed that content generated by users draws some of the highest rates of engagement on Instagram. The reason is not difficult to understand as UGC is perceived by users to be far more authentic than the posts that the business publishes by itself. Businesses can benefit from user-generated content on Instagram, especially by encouraging their followers to contribute content centered on a specific theme or containing a hashtag that it wants to promote like a branded hashtag that will ensure more exposure of its brand. Publishing user-generated content also makes users feel special because the business has acknowledged their contribution and recognized them for it.

Content Timeliness 

Instagram users place a premium on content that is relevant to them. It is, therefore, vital for businesses to post content regarding whatever is trending at the moment as long as it is pertinent to their brands and their target audiences. You can expect followers to want to see more posts on a particular subject that is popular. This makes posting timely content a big thing on Instagram. To make the strategy effective, you should use the hashtags, you know that your audience will be using to look for content. You will not only generate a lot of engagement but will be able to add new followers to your fold.

How-Do Content 

Among all the different kinds of content popular on Instagram, there is no doubt that content demonstrating how to use products and services performs the best in grabbing attention. Depending on the space of your business, you can create interesting videos and infographics that demonstrate how to carry out various things, right from changing a tire on your car to mixing a heady cocktail and everything in between.


You need to post very high-quality content on Instagram, however, some more aspects can lead to better viewership and engagement. For example, it is prove that users do not like dark images and prefer lighter-color images, especially those with blue tints, in their feeds. Similarly, images with low saturation perform better than those with a higher level of saturation. It also appears that Instagram users prefer to view posts with a single dominant color, which helps to keep the image looking clean. Also, images with more texture act to draw the attention of viewers more, especially that of food and drink. It is also seen that compared to close-ups, images that include a lot of background details tend to perform better regarding engagement because they feel better organized and establishes a better point of focus.

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