Curious Instagram to Follow

Curious Instagram to Follow
November 7, 2016 admin

Instead of bringing you a sort of “best dogs of instagram” or “top landscape instagram to follow”, we’re just going to suggest a few Instagrams we came across that we think are unique, interesting and that you might want to follow to change what you see on your feed a bit.

instagram raskalov Picture taken from Raskalov’s official Instagram account.

The first one is quite well-known: Humans of New York. In this Instagram you can see different pictures of random people in New York, and in the caption there’s a small story or anecdote about them or their life. It’s extremely interesting and the pictures are just wonderful.

You’ve probably seen hundreds of animal Instagram accounts, but we know it’s never enough. Lil Bub is a realyl funny looking cat with hilarious facial expressions. They’re basically what got him to where he is now, with over 1 million followers! Follow him and you’ll see how easily he can cheer up your feed.

This last one is quite a mind-blower. Vitaliy Raskalov is the kind of Instagrama ccountt hat take syour breath away and just scared the hell out of you. This photographer likes to get up high on buildings or infrastructures and take amazing pictures. But we just can’t even begin to imagine how he has the guts to get up there. He could just fall and kill himself! Either way, the pictures are impressive and great to look it, so maybe the risk is worth it, right?

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