Caught Trafficking Through Instagram

Caught Trafficking Through Instagram
September 6, 2016 admin
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Melina Roberce seemed like the typical Instagram girl with lots of money that would travel around different places of the world. However, thanks to the fact that she was uploading every detail of her recent vacations, the police managed ot get a hold of her and arrest her for illegal posession of cocaine.

melina instagram One of Melina’s photos from her vacations, taken from her Instagram account.

She was on a cruise on the Sea Princess, parting from Southampton, with several other friends and uploading pictures constantly. Thanks to her account, authorities were able to confirm that she had been to several countries like USA, Canada and New Zealand, and they were able to arrest her in Sydney. She had 90 kgs. of cocaine valued in 21 million dollars. Her two friends were also arrested as well.

They still don’t know if she was aware that she had that amount of cocaine with her, although it’s quite heavy and difficult to not notice. And if she was consciously trafficking, they don’t know if she travelled that whole time with it on her or if she got in when she was in a South American country. Either way, without her Instagram posts they might have never found her. Now, she’s most probably facing some time in jail. Protection Status for