Archiving Instagram Pictures? Soon!

Archiving Instagram Pictures? Soon!
May 26, 2017 admin
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Looking through your old Instagram pictures is a pretty common practice. And sometimes we might see some pictures that we regret uploading. It could be because it’s a bad selfie, a bad picture, a picture with our ex, or just anything that you would rather not see on your profile with the rest of the other pictures. But sometimes, it’s hard for us to delete them because deep down we don’t want to (it could be because we don’t have the original one or because we want to keep the memory either way). That’s why Instagram is installing a new feature very soon: an option to archive your Instagram pictures!

instagram Picture uploaded by Instagram.

The update is not yet implemented on Instagram, but it will be in the near future. TechCrunch already confirmed this and we’re very eager to see how it will work. Apparently, it’s as easy as going to the 3 dots on a picture where you have several options, and one of them will be to archive the image. You won’t be deleting it, but people who visit your profile won’t be able to see it. You, however, will still be able to access that picture.

So get ready to clean up your profile and get rid of all those pictures you regret but still want to keep deep down! We’re sure this new breath of fresh air will be very useful for lots of accounts out there. Protection Status for