Uploader For Instagram App Removed, 17 Year old developer $6,000 richer

Uploader For Instagram App Removed, 17 Year old developer $6,000 richer
April 22, 2019 admin
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You may remember, the other week we posted an article about the Mac desktop app called Uploader for Instagram, an app that allows you to directly upload photos from your computer to Instagram, you can find this article here.

Well since writing that article on the 30th of March, things have changed, and Uploader for Instagram is no longer available for purchase, or download.

The app was released last month by the 17 year old genius student called Caleb Benn, with the retail value of $5.

On March 28th Instagram sent Benn a letter of demand letting him know that his app was breaking Instagram’s terms and conditions, by reverse engineering the Instagram API. Instagram demanded that he removed the app from the app store by the 30th of march, however, when the 30th of march came, the app was still up and running available for purchase.

A few days later Benn received another stern letter from the Instagram crew informing him to remove the app as soon as possible, and on Saturday 2nd of April, he finally removed it from being available for download.

Benn said that removing the app was difficult or him but he felt it was the right thing to do as he was afraid of being blacklisted by the social media giants, and it might have even jeopardised his college education, which is only just around the corner.

In the month that the app was available for purchase, Benn made a little but over $6,000. Not bad for a month of passive income, eh?

No lawsuits have been filed against Benn for breaking Instagram’s terms and Conditions, so the 17 year old is in the clear to advance his education and continue creating awesome apps and services for the online community.

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