Most of the people on this planet love to travel, they love to see the world, different countries, cultures, landscapes, etc. Some are lucky enough to be able to travel, some aren’t. Either way, a resource that can give us part of that travelling experience is the Internet. So today, we want to show you a few travel-related Instagram accounts that will fill you with travelling motivation!

travis burke instagram Lovely picture taken by Travis Burke.

The first one that we want to show you is Travis Burke. This photographer has an amazing Instagram account that we’re pretty sure you’ll love. It’s all mostly nature-related, and all his photos are done with the help of his girlfriends. If you’re into camping, you’ll especialyl love this account.

Another account we’ve totally fell in love with is The Blonde Abroad. Kiersten, the owner of the account, takes lovely pictures of all the places she travels too, and they’re amazing. They’re all really unique, and she also puts a little bit of fashion into it. We really recommend checking it out!

Alex Strohl is also an amazing photographer you just have to check out. He loves spending time in the mountains, and his landscape pictures will just take your breath away. With only a quick look at his pictures, you’ll want to go get mountain gear and head off to follow the same adventures as him!

There are several more that we’ve come across, but we’ll show them another time! For now, we hope you enjoy these. Protection Status for