Stylish Instagram Suggestions

Stylish Instagram Suggestions
November 1, 2016 admin
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Instagram is like a huge playground for fashion bloggers, models and people related to that industry. You can find almost anyone you can imagine, and it’s a great way to get some fashion inspiration for your own outfits. So today we’re bringing you some new account you can follow to change your feed a little bit.

Susie bubble instagram Picture of Susie Lau, taken from her Instagram.

Susie Lau is quite a well-known fashion blogger with a really active Instagram account. Her pictures are lovely, and they’re like a perfect mix of beautiful backgrounds + fashion model pictures. In most pictures where fashion bloggers are modelling, they usually pick really simple backgrounds like, for example, a white wall. It’s dull, but it works. However, she goes bigger than that.

Alexa Chung is not the typical model account you’ll find. Her pictures seem pretty normal, like a picture you or your friends might take and upload to your own accounts. However, each and every one of them has a special essence that just makes them… Alexa’s. You’d have to check it out to really understand what we mean.

Fashion isn’t only about girls and women. Men are part of it too! Bryan Yambao, also known as Bryanboy, is a well-known asian fashion blogger with an Instagram account we’re sure you’ll love. You can honestly find any kinds of pictures on there, although his outfits might be a little complicated to get inspiration from!