Instagram Filters Say A Lot About Us

Instagram Filters Say A Lot About Us
September 10, 2016 admin
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Whenever you choose a filter for your Instagram picture, you may think you choose the one that suits that picture best. But apparently, a very important factor when choosing is our current mood. If you’re feeling cheerful? You’ll probably go for a more colorful filter. If you’re feeling a bit down, you might prefer somethng black and white. However, it’s not something we notice. Not in ourselves and not in others.

kendall jenner Picture taken from Kendall Jenner’s Instagram account.

The Universities of Harvard and Vermont have done studies and this and concluded that, in fact, it does happen among most Instagram users, whether they know it or not. They took a big group of Instagram users and analized around 100 pictures from each account, then studies the psychological state of each person. And, of course, they found that there was a relationship between how they feel and what filters they used on their pictures.

But it’s not just about filters. The type of picture you take also depends on your mood. If you take pictures with lots of friends, family, and whatnot, that pretty much means you’re in a good place. However, people who tend to take more pictures alone, of random things with nobody in the picture, etc, that means that the user might probably have some sort of depression, or just feels more alone. You can never determine something very specific, you can’t automaticly diagnose depression on someone who only uploads selfies. But what you can know is that they’re not 100% with their life, at least at that moment.