Iman Shares Fills Instagram With David Bowie

Iman Shares Fills Instagram With David Bowie
January 12, 2016 admin
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This past Sunday we lost one of the biggest stars in the history of human kind: David Bowie. He had been fighting cancer for several months, although barely anyone knew aboutthis. A few days after his birthday, his body resisted no longer and eventually passed away. And, of course, social media blew up.

david bowie David Bowie.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all you can imagine have been filled up with pictures, videos and quotes of Mr. Bowie. His wife was going to be no less. Even before he passed away, she already started uploading (actually, reposting) lots of Bowie pictures onto her account. On the day he died and afterwards as well, she also uploaded two text pictures. One of them read “The struggle is real, but so is God”. It’s pretty obvious that this is a very tough time not only for his fans but all of his close relatives and loved ones.

Throughout the entire day yesterday our social media timelines were filled with not only pictures of Bowie but also tributes of his songs that fans made. What’s sure is that lots of people are going to miss him, and it’s been a while since the death of a celebrity had such on impact on people. But at least he left us all his works behind, and that’s never going away.