How you can make better photographs to upload in Instagram?

How you can make better photographs to upload in Instagram?
September 11, 2013 admin
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How you can make better photographs to upload in Instagram? Instagram has taken its own place among the followers of the social networks, but also among a lot of amateur photographers. This “social network for photographers” it’s a platform in which any person can feel like a true photographer, publishing, retouching and commenting photos. If you have just recently discovered Instagram, we are going to offer you some tips, so you take the best pictures you can and make your friends green with envy.

Basic knowledge of photography

There are people who have an innate artistic talent to take good pictures. But it’s also true that the rules are made to be broken. But, in order to break those rules, you have to know them first. You can begin studying about the “two-thirds rule” or about the basics of symmetry, for example. You also have to know that the human eye has a tendency to fix its line of vision in the top left corner of any picture, so it’s advisable to place in that place the item or items that you want to emphasized inside the photograph you are about to take.

If you are already familiar with the most basic rules of this art, you have to be brave enough to break them. Look for new camera angles, retouch your photos (so they have a fresher look), play with the depth of field… Don’t be afraid of lying on the ground to try to take the best shot possible or to get onto some place high so your photographs will be really great (but you should never put yourself in danger! Be careful!). So, how to get 100 Instagram likes? First of all, being a good photographer.

Square format

Remember that all the photographs that you upload on Instagram appear on a square format. If you take a picture from the own app of Instagram, you won’t have any problems, but when you take a picture with other devices, usually you will have to deal with rectangular formats. Be sure you are thinking “square” and to bear in mind that, when you transform your picture taken in rectangular format to a square format, your picture will be cut.

Retouch your pictures

To make a good photographic retouching you don’t need necessarily to modify your picture a lot. Sometimes, you won’t even need to touch anything. If you want to make them look special, you can choose from the filters and frames that Instagram offers you, but if you don’t find what you are looking for on Instagram, you can always turn to other apps and programs that give you a lot of options to retouch your pictures before you upload them on Instagram.

Use a critical approach with your own photos

Don’t upload everything and anything on Instagram. It’s isn’t really necessary. It’s normal that, at first, your photos won’t be very good, but try to improve your photographs, and they will be better with time and practice. And don’t make the mistake of uploading photographs that you don’t even like, just to upload something.

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