Gotta Make Friends to Get Friends

Gotta Make Friends to Get Friends
December 11, 2013 admin
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Want to get more Instagram followers? In addition to putting great images up, you’ll need to get involved in the Instagram community. This doesn’t mean just setting up and posting your best, most awesome pics – it also means getting out there and following others, liking and comment on their pics.

Gotta Make Friends to Get FriendsIt’s not just a picture sharing service – it’s a social network, so get out there and be social! Something else that a lot of Instagrammers don’t do (as with other social network users as well) is link up and share their photos on their other social networks – connect and post your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other accounts in order to get maximum distribution of your stuff. It’s not really who you know – it’s who knows you. So get known.