Star Wars launches an official Instagram account

Star Wars launches an official Instagram account
December 5, 2013 admin
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Until recently, Instagram’s wars were focused on seeing who gets more followers or whose pictures get more “likes” in this famous social network, a goal that a lot of people wants to achieve trying to buy real Instagram likes or hiring the services of companies specialized in making them winners in this kind of popularity wars.

Now, one of the most famous wars of the modern world has come to Instagram too, but, in this case, we aren’t talking about a popularity war between different users of this social network. No; we are talking about “Star Wars”. Because Star Wars has landed on Instagram to its fan’s delight and to make this renowned franchise more known to the public (if that’s even possible) before the apparition of their new saga.

‘La Guerra de las galaxias’ llega a Instagram

Lucasfilm has decided to open a Star Wars’ account on Instagram, and they had inaugurated it with a picture of Darth Vader. This picture, which fall in the category of “selfies”, had been taken by Darth Vader’s himself, and it is saved with the tags #StarWars #DarthVader, #gporn and #selfies. In this picture, the fans can see the most perverse villain of the whole universe acting as a fifteen-years-old girl, displaying his charms in front of the mirror.

At this moment, Star Wars’ Instagram account already has more pictures. For example, it shows one depicting the famous fight between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, or a picture of a model of the fabulous Millenium Falcon.

This initiative of Lucasfilms productions wants to bring this franchise closer to the new generations and offer it fans the latest news related to the movies, offering information about the premieres, merchandising or telling the fans curiosities about the movies that had been already released.

Star Wars was one of the most important films of all times and the first movie of the trilogy was the one that triggered the merchandising’s outbreak, that is, the creation and commercialization on a large scale and with an important economic purposes of products related to movies. Posters, toys, videogames, etc. etc… are merchandising products that had been appearing constantly over the years and that still have an enormous success nowadays, more than 35 years after the release of the first Star Wars movie, back in 1977.

Now, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, master Yoda, Han-Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, RD-D2, C3PO and others have chosen Instagram to adapt themselves to the new times. We hope that the fight for the future of the galaxy won’t be relocated to Instagram’s profiles.