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    Take part in FastFilmFest thanks to Instagram


    FastFilmFest held its first edition last year, obtaining a great success in attendance. For those who don’t know what this is, FastFilmFest is an audiovisual festival in which only micromovies are shown. Micromovies are a special kind of short movies who just last seconds.  (more…)

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    Instagram’s inspirational stories


    Instagram’s inspirational stories. Instagram isn’t just a social network to show your pictures to the world. It is full of interesting profiles, outstanding people and inspirational stories. In the following lines.

    We will tell you some of these Instagram’s inspirational stories

    Antonia Erikssen

    This girl is one of these people who use Instagram as a tool to destroy their inner demons. Antonia had a severe eating disorder, anorexia, which caused her to be hospitalized. Then, she began to show the progress she was making in her treatment on her Instagram page. In her profile, @eatmoveimprove, you can see how she’s already recovered.

    Instagram’s inspirational stories

    Instagram’s inspirational stories

    Elly Mayday

    This model was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. But this hasn’t been a reason for her to quit her job. On the contrary, Elly is still publishing her pictures because she is very proud of the job she is doing and of her fight against her illness. Without any doubt, people like Elly dignify the human race and lift our spirits day after day. You can follow her at @ellymaydayofficialfanpage.

    Tuna, the little dog

    Tuna is a little dog that was abandoned by her owners because she had a tiny physical defect. She was abandoned because she had her jawbone was inclined forwards and her snout was too wrinkled. But her new owner doesn’t think the same as her previous one and began to upload pictures of her new dog on different social networks. Tuna’s pictures were a great success, and now she is a celebrity. She even has her own webpage. In fact, on Instagram, Tuna already has more than 780,000 followers. You can follow her too on @tunameltsmyheart.

    Baddie Winkle

    According to her, she is “the woman who has been stealing you your man since 1928”. This 87-year-old grandma has become a real leader in the fight against ageing. She is known for publishing pictures full of life and color of her doing things that are considered activities reserved only for young people. She doesn’t have any problem to dress herself as a hippy or as a rock star. Without any doubt, she is the most outgoing granny of Instagram. Her profile is @baddiewinkle, and she already has 36,000 followers, to which we must add the more than 200,000 followers she has on Twitter.

    Granda Betty

    We end this article with one of the most adorable profiles of Instagram, Grandma Betty’s. Betty is an octogenarian from Indiana who is fighting against a terminal cancer. Thanks to her grandson (who create her profile on Instagram) and to her faith in God and love, Grandma Betty has become one of the most famous and inspirational celebrities on Instagram. Her profile is @grandmabetty33, and she already has more than 600,000 followers.

    Instagram is and will always be a place to tell great stories. Remember that a lot of people will be able to discover your stories too if you buy 50 Instagram likes that allow you to meet new people, find our new stories and enjoy even more the most important social network of the present days.

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    Instagram finally arrives to Windows Phone


    Instagram finally arrives to Windows Phone. Instagram, one of social networks that are growing the most in the last few years, is going to arrive to Windows Phone, Microsoft’s operative system for mobile devices. The photographers’ social network have been introduced as one of the most important innovations for this operative system, furthermore when this well known social network was already available for Android and can be used on Apple’s devices since the year 2006.

    windows-phoneThe announcement had been made public in the celebration of the Nokia Worlds in Abu Dabi, where Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, confirmed that the coolest social network of the moment is going to be available in the devices running Windows Phone and in the mobile phones Nokia Lumia, in the next few weeks (they haven’t give a exact date for its release yet). For the time being, we still don’t know if it will retain its actual look and all its functions, but it seems that it will be mostly the same as now.

    In the words of Systrom himself

    “Our main goal is to give access to Instagram to every person who wants to use it and we are looking forward to see all the beautiful photographs that our users will capture and upload to Instagram from their Windows phones in the next weeks”.

    Until now, Windows Mobile allowed their users to upload their pictures to Instagram using several apps or programs from third parties allowed by Instagram (a lot of times, these are very good applications, at least as good as Instagram). That’s why the possibility for the users to upload their pictures through their Windows Phones will mean important loses to these kind of platforms, because is more than probable that we won’t be able to upload pictures to Instagram through them in a near future.

    Microsoft, with its Windows Phone, is trying to compete against Google’s Android systems and Apple’s iOS, but at the moment this company is losing this battle. This system has been released to replace the former Windows Mobile, to be more user-friendly and to erase its image of a system more business-oriented. In fact, the users have been complaining about the limited options and applications they had available within their Windows Phones, so the possibility to use Instagram easily is a strategy designed to satisfy the user’s demands.

    For its part, Instagram, with more than 150 millions of users in the whole world, is one of the most important social networks of the planet and it is too an essential strategic tool in the battle of the operative systems for mobile devices.  So, the Windows Phone’s users are in luck, because it is confirmed that Instagram will be in their phones very soon. They only need to have a little patience.

    Find spanish version of this post on  “Instagram llega a Windows Phone“.