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Instagram has become an essential aspect of most brands that want to increase their social presence. It helps in increasing conversions, generating profitable traffic to landing pages and developing an engaged audience.

Can VIP Likes help in your social media promotion?

If you think that you need to work on your Instagram presence, there are several strategies that you can opt-in for, which will help you to gain likes and followers on Instagram. The more audience you have, the better your scopes will engage with users and generate a distinctive experience for them.

There are many ways brands can increase likes, comments and followers when they are trying to maximize their social presence. Today, there are service providers that enable you to pay for likes and comments on Instagram. These companies provide you with VIP likes that allow you to get more out of your social media posts. You can decide to choose the number of likes you want and opt-in for the same. These service providers have easy payment policies and secure payment channels. They also offer affordable rates that enable you to decide the number of Instagram likes you want to purchase.



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However, you need to keep one thing in mind! The overall number of your Instagram followers and likes means nothing. If it doesn't indicate an engaged fan following that visits on the landing pages, speak about your brand and make online purchases. Hence, other than paying for Instagram likes and followers, it is also essential to opt-in for organic ways to earn the same. Here are a few ways that you can opt-in for:

1. You should optimize the Instagram account

Before you get into a journey of figuring out how to gain Instagram likes and followers, it is essential to optimize the account. It would help if you considered the Instagram bio as your "homepage" for the account.

If you don’t have a correct bio, a username, profile image and image captions, people will not know who the account belongs to! It might appear apparent, but on Instagram, your photo and bio help to form the foundations of your entire brand identity. Hence, the link in the bio is your chance to generate Instagram traffic to the website. That means you have to optimize the account.

Are you not sure where to link? If yes, you can try for product or marketing pages that resonate with particular keywords, campaigns or even hashtags on the Instagram account. You can always link to your homepage. However, it is essential to provide the users with a cohesive experience when shifting from the bio to the website. It has increased the popularity of the IG link landing pages that can host important links to the remaining few content pieces that mention the brand's feed and "link in bio" posts. It can direct the audience to the links.

2. Have a reliable content calendar

It is not a smart call to post content at random times, primarily to get more likes and followers. If there are followers and ample likes, then you certainly don't want it to go away because of your haphazard posting.

Hence, the best solution here is to maintain a regular posting schedule. Usually, brands should be posting more than a couple of times a day to avert spam. It is essential to post consistently. Today, close to 200 million Instagram users log on daily. Hence, it's necessary to maintain a posting schedule as you post a few times a day.

3. Schedule your Instagram post in advance

The Instagram algorithm has changed, and it shows the users the content which they like! Hence, posting at the correct times can provide your posts with increased visibility by maximizing the total engagement they get.

Brands can do a lot to increase visibility, such as scheduling the Instagram content. There are new tools that can help the brands to time their range easily. When you schedule the content in advance, the entire team can see the schedules and campaigns more effectively. It’s always a smart call to create content ahead of time by using advanced tools. It helps you to reach out to your desired audience and also maintain a constant content flow.

4. Connect with brand advocates and partners to share your content

When you are learning ways to get more Instagram likes and followers, it’s essential to understand the significance of the audience. The more likes you get and the bigger the follower count is, the more customers and buyers you will get.

The ideal way to get customers to follow you is to be in front of them. It's essential to stay on Instagram and other social media platforms as well. You can try to sponsor the user-generated content so that your brand features in the customer feed. You can create Instagram contests to showcase your brand to a broader audience. Such campaigns develop social proof by highlighting that your fans are interested in reposting your content or generating their user-generated content.

5. Highlight your Instagram everywhere

People will not find your Instagram account; till such time, you don't promote it! Ensure that your Instagram account gets listed on other social networks and your website. Generating awareness and visibility is a good way for you to get discovered. If you wish to get more Instagram likes and followers, allow people to know where to find you. It helps to add the social media buttons to the website and blog to promote the social shares in every network to spot you on Instagram.

6. Share the content that others want.

It is easier said than done! It is an intelligent call to know about the content that your Instagram followers want to see. A few contents on Instagram perform better than the others. Hence, trial and error are essential. It could be small details like content types, captions, filters and post times that can create a difference. It would help if you stayed aware of the Instagram trends so that you can share content that is in demand.

These are a few of the suggestions you can abide by and gain more likes and followers on Instagram.

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