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Instagram has become a huge market for business opportunities, not just for big companies or brands; for everyone! This is why you should get comments on Instagram so that people will see your account, and then they are going to see your content, and you can start making profit.



Pay by MasterCard, Visa, Maestro or AmericanExpress card


TOTAL: $20

Pay by MasterCard, Visa, Maestro or AmericanExpress card

Attract followers just by getting 10 real comments

Getting people to your account requires lots of time and work, sometimes the main ingredient is a bit of luck but of course, not all of us are so lucky. In these cases, some people become desperate and look up any Instagram service they can find and instantly purchase Instagram followers so their account looks more popular.

This however, is a big mistake, especially if you’re new to the website. First, buying just any Instagram service you find isn’t a good idea. In the majority of cases, they’re selling you bots that will follow your accounts, and bots are fake accounts and often it's easy to spot the fake generic comments. Buying only followers and nothing else isn’t too useful either. Why? Well people may notice that you’ve purchased services if it’s too exaggerated. For example, if you decide to buy 500 followers but not any comments or likes for your pictures, people will see that lots of people follow you, but they don’t actually interact with your pictures. That would be very suspicious, right?

How does buying Instagram comments affect my followers?

Here at Insta4likes, we strive to offer our clients the best Instagram services we can and help them in any way possible. Firstly, we pride ourselves in our work and we absolutely don’t work with bots! When you purchase services form us, you’re buying services that work with real accounts managed by active people. So even if you were to buy only followers, you would also have a high chance to get likes and comments from those users as well! You can think of it as some sort of purchase pack.

However, we do offer other services for a reason. One of the most popular options is to get comments on Instagram. You may be wondering why, but it’s pretty simple: comments are usually what people check when they look at pictures, they're interested in the discussion and it's often there that you can really tell the authenticity of an account. Sometimes the comment activity is more important than the amount of likes. We offer a great Instagram comments service for our clients, and it’s literally the only one like this that you’ll find out there in the market.

Start with 10 real and human comments for your posts

We always guarantee our clients amazing results, especially when buying Instagram comments, you’ll notice the results in no time!It’s as simple as going to our website, choosing our Instagram comments service and indicating the picture you want our comments to go to. Don’t think you’re paying for generic comments like “Oh, wow”, “Great” or thumbs-up emojis from random users. On the contrary! You’ll be receiving comments that are 100% related to the picture you’ve uploaded.

Say that for instance, you’ve decided to get comments on Instagram  from us for a picture of you on the beach on your vacation in Miami. This 10 Instagram comments you have purchased will talk about how great the beach looks, how lucky you are to be there etc. There is really no way anybody can notice that you’ve used our services as the comments our team leave are genuine, relevant and varied.

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