Using Music in the Instagram Story for More Attention

Using Music in the Instagram Story for More Attention
May 19, 2021 Vinod

Adding music to the Instagram story is becoming a popular trend. It suddenly changes the viewer’s mood and makes the entire content more interesting to devour. But you can feel terrible if you don’t know how to leverage this feature in your posts. After all, any creative touch to your IG account can be a bonus. Furthermore, when you find others being able to do it like a pro, you can suffer more from FOMO. So while it is not healthy, you don’t need to panic or spend sleepless nights over this. Elevating your Insta stories with music can be a cakewalk.

Instagram allows you to access music pieces from SoundCloud, Spotify, personal music library, etc. Therefore, choices are never a constraint. Nevertheless, let’s first find out how to include music in IG stories. Once you learn it, you know Insta4likes is there to help you increase their visibility. So, here is a quick guide to achieve the primary goal.

Adding music to Instagram story

Create a new IG story

As a regular Instagrammer, you would know how to upload boomerang, videos, photos, and other types of content. So, choose a theme and upload.

Look for the music sticker icon

On the right side of your phone screen, at the top, you see a sticker button. You have to dig out the music one. It will lead you to the option of adding a song. It can be fun, but you have to be extremely careful about your pick. The musical piece needs to resonate with your story. At the same time, you must know that you cannot play the whole song in the Insta story. Only one section of the song can become a part of your content. If you select the perfect lyrics or music matching the mood of your post, you can expect it to do well with the audience.

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Add music, add story

After supplying your content with a suitable piece of music, you can tap done and post it. Next, you have to wait for it to catch up with your followers.

So, it is another trick in your arsenal to strengthen the quality of your content. No one can resist music, and when it complements your story well, everything becomes more enjoyable for your audience. However, what should you do if Instagram story music doesn’t function? Again, there are some quick fixes. So, let’s explore them quickly.

Fixing music not working issue on Instagram

Several reasons can prevent you from adding music to your story. When this function doesn’t work, you would want to update your IG app. You can log in, log out, and again log in to check whether the option for music appears in the sticker now. No luck yet? It means you would have to reinstall your app and update it. Then, you can check into your account and creator account. The music sticker may show up now. Nevertheless, if the issue persists, you can reach out to the Insta Story support team.

Using all the latest functions and features of the Instagram story app can be a blessing for any content creator. So, let’s not miss out on anything. Once your content is ready, you can share it with the universe of your followers for quick likes, comments, and shares. Still, it is essential to have realistic expectations, especially if you don’t have a giant network and a high interaction rate. But, it doesn’t mean you cannot aim for them.

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