Do You Want to Change Your Instagram Username? Here Are the Steps

Do You Want to Change Your Instagram Username? Here Are the Steps
May 17, 2021 Vinod

If you talk to any Instagram influencer or champion, you will get the same advice – create a strong username and attract a truckload of likes. Doesn’t this simplify all your concerns? While it sounds easy, you need to have a thought process and support to sail through this. Then, of course, you can apply your ingenious mind to come up with a super-hit username. But getting a downpour of likes from day one or even along the way in the early months can be a tall order, especially if you are not aware of the proper marketing tools. Don’t lose hope, though? Insta4likes can be your trusted partner in this Insta journey of “becoming something.”

Being the third-party vendor for Instagram, Insta4likes offers a diverse range of services for Instagrammers to benefit from and get mileage. Do you need instant likes? We can fetch you this and more on your gifs, photos, videos, stories, etc. But before this, you have to create a great Instagram handle or username to establish your identity in this social media circuit. It allows the Instagram audience to discover you or tag your profile in their posts. Since it can make or mar your presence, you would want to be extremely careful with your choice.

Changing the Instagram username

To change your account handle to something more meaningful and impressive, you have to select a perfect title that matches your brand, company, personality, niche, etc. In addition, you need to know what you desire to promote. As such, choosing a suitable username is crucial if you wish to make money and name through this medium.

Think of nicknames, phrases, and titles that make an excellent choice. You can shortlist a few to gain some progress in your mission. But then, many usernames may already be in use. Hence, it is better to have options. Just try with the best-sounding titles first. If it has any other interpretation than your expectation, you would want to make sure it doesn’t mislead your viewers. Friends and family can give you genuine feedback. So you can count on them.

Additionally, some combinations of words or phrases may look messy as usernames don’t allow using spaces. You can think of “the earth girl,” for example. That’s why it becomes another critical consideration.  If you select any such handle name, separating the words with an underscore symbol can be wise. Have you found your username? That’s great! You may now wonder how to arrange likes and comments. The easy trick is to buy Instagram likes and comments from us at Insta4likes. Still, you would first have to switch to a new identity. Here are a few steps to implement changes.

Visit profile page

You can check the profile page of your IG account by clicking on your photo in the circle. It can be there on the right side of the news feed scroll bar. You are at the right place if you see your profile picture, posts, followers, and others.

Edit profile

You will get the option “Edit Profile” under your bio. You can tap on this to get to the Edit Profile settings page. It will show up several changes you can make on your Instagram account, such as display name, bio, website link, profile photo, username, etc.

Select username

You will need to tap the row stating username. The click will lead you to another page where you can feed a new username. There can also be a piece of information suggesting that you can go back to your previous username within 14 days. This intimation reminds you that you will lose your old username once 14 days are over and someone else can take this up.

Creating a new account on Instagram

Sometimes creating an alternative username is not sufficient. For example, you may need to keep two separate accounts, one for personal and the other for brand use.  In this case, you will need to open a new account. Instagram makes this job also easy. You can access the profile page from the same app and select the handle name showing up there. When you click it, you will get an option to choose the original account or add an account through a plus symbol. Tap on it and create a new account. The latest Insta account will not have likes, followers, etc. Instead, you will need to add followers, likes, and comments as you post content.

As mentioned, it cannot be easy to get followers and engagement on a new account. But when you have, you don’t have to worry about it. We will supply you with genuine likes, comments, and followers as per your requirement. Once your content has decent traction, you can expect organic growth to kick start.

Just remember, a successful Instagram account is easy to establish if you follow the right strategies and upgrade your social media skills.