Models get Instant Instagram Comments

Models get Instant Instagram Comments
October 15, 2017 Merle. i4L Staff Writer
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Various celebrities, mostly models, are using Instagram to fight sexual assaults in that world, to which Instagram users responded immediately with Instant Instagram Comments.

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platform, and can also be used to report injustice that happens around the world. These post reach almost every user, and the subjects really get to people, which makes them give Instant Instagram Comments.

Sadly, these kinds of corruptions are in every industry, even the famous cinema or modelling sectors. Cameron Russell is starting to give alarm about the sexual assaults that happened to him, and are happening to other models because of photographers. These abuses go from verbal to physical assault.

But things are about to change for this industry, as every day more awareness is raised about this subject, thanks to people as Russell.

Until now, Russell hasn’t posted any names of the attackers, but did post the deeds to raise consciousness about these bad “habits” of photographers, and as soon as he can post the names legally, he will.

On every one of his post, he receives comments blaming Terry Richardson, one of the photographers who has been accused of sexual assaults, for every case of abuse that has come to light. But Russell affirms that Richardson isn’t the only one to blame, the whole industry is responsible for the culture of constant exploitation and abuse.

For Russell, the only way to end these behaviors is with the public denounces of victims, and the signs of support of the whole community, who are become aware of the situation thanks to many Instant Instagram Comments.

Thanks to the work of Russell, and many others, people are starting to fight and help making the world a bit better, step by step. Protection Status for