Leslie Jordan is undoubtedly America’s best Instagram celebrity during COVID-19 lockdown

Leslie Jordan is undoubtedly America’s best Instagram celebrity during COVID-19 lockdown
July 1, 2020 admin
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Even though the lockdown is getting relaxed, people in the U.S and worldwide have to maintain stay-at-home orders and social distancing. A while back, the U.S government was finding ways to increase the COVID-19 tests for Americans and reopen the economies. Thinkers were analyzing how COVID-19 would reform society. And amidst all this, when people were looking for relief to lighten up, there he was – Leslie Jordan. With his unique posts on Instagram, he became America’s favorite Instagram lockdown celebrity.

Leslie Jordan’s COVID-19 claims to fame on Instagram

Jordan has proved himself to be one of the best lockdown Instagram stars! He had build-up over 3.8 million followers on Instagram within a few months. That’s an excellent feat for the 64 years old actor, who was caught up in an Airbnb accommodation, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, near his mother’s home.

COVID-19 resulted in mass morbidity and dejection! The need of the hour was something bright and quirky. Leslie Jordan’s unique personality and charisma catered to this need brilliantly. His videos had a funny, relatable spin on being compelled to stay in a place, which is the story with almost everyone. He starts his video with his signature, “What are y’all doing” along with a Southern drawl sounding akin to a mint julep poured on the balcony.

Jordan and his peculiar vibe

In one of his posts, Leslie was found pondering on the empty streaming queue. Just when you would probably go clueless, he would state in his dry, humorous tone how he conquered Netflix and watched them all. He would go on and share that Netflix has nothing left for him to watch. He certainly wouldn’t switch on the news channel, because the channels will make him believe that the world has come to an end.

What’s endearing about Jordan’s posts is that he doesn’t shy away to voice his boredom or the meaninglessness that he feels during the quarantine or lockdown phase. But to neutralize the mass fear and palpable energy, he resorts to humor. His posts give a comical approach during a crisis helps to pass through life, that otherwise looks dull and at a standstill. Browse his posts, and you’re sure to fall in love with some of the unassuming and unflattering close-up videos that he records with his shaky hands. In a few videos, the camera’s props towards strange directions.

There’s no sophisticated editing or lighting! Leslie Jordan doesn’t take on the aura of a social or celebrity influencer. Instead, you will find the actor in his typical laid-back mood, lying on the couch and expressing his outrageous self, exuding a childlike spark and humor.

Jordan’s funny comments

During the lockdown phase, Americans counted on social media for interesting content. And Jordan started his posts as an attempt to end his boredom. On one of his posts, he mentions that his friend called to inform him that he’s gone “viral” on Instagram. Leslie Jordan, with his distinctive comic tone, replied, “No, Honey, I’m fine. I’m here at Mamma’s. … I don’t have that virus.”

Instagram users worldwide and American’s love Jordan for this! He’s not trying to earn through his posts. Instead, he’s trying to help people lighten up, by being himself.