Instagram – Too Many Ads?

Instagram – Too Many Ads?
January 26, 2016 admin

When Instagram started, there were no ads to be seen. However, since it was purched by Facebook, they started warning that they would be adding subtle ads to the app. For about a year now, we’ve been seeing ads on our Instagram news feed, but they’re usually visually attractive, so people don’t really care.

instagram Picture taken from Insta4likes’ official Instagram account.

The things is that the whole ad situation has changed a bit in the past few months. Now, there are way more ads than before. And people have noticed. When they’re scrolling down they’re feed they bump into many more ads. Of course, this does imply an increase in Facebook’s revenue, but maybe people won’t be too happy about it.

We’re not implying that this could make users leave; once someone has an account they’ve worked hard on, it’s hard for them to quit that. But maybe new users won’t be so attracted to it. Who knows. Let’s just hope they don’t add more and more over the next few months. If they do it right, Instagram could go on with a few more ads, get more income and keep our feeds pretty clean and not full of ads every 4 or 5 pictures. Protection Status for