Checking Your Views on Instagram – How to Go About It?

Checking Your Views on Instagram – How to Go About It?
May 22, 2021 Vinod
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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today! It has more than a billion active users monthly logging in to check-out the various videos and images, posted by their family, friends, influencers, celebrities and brands. Many users on Instagram are interested in posting their online content on this social media site. However, there are others who Instagram view these posts and also end up stalking other profiles.

Are you an avid Instagrammer with a public profile? Are you a start-up business brand that posts regularly on Instagram? If yes, then you might wonder from time to time about people who view your Instagram profile and posts. In addition, people are always curious to know their Instagram viewers. So, can you find out who viewed your video or image on Instagram? We will delve more into this in this article.

Getting Instagram video views

As a content creator on Instagram, you will be happy to discover a viewer’s list. However, that might take some time for you to discover. But other than searching for a list of viewers, today, you also have the option to get Instagram live video views free.

How to check who views your Instagram profile?

There is no easy way for you to see the names that view your Instagram profile. This social media platform still doesn’t have any in-built feature to allow users check the names that viewed their profile. And the apparent reason for this is privacy. Owned by Facebook, Instagram possesses all the information about who checked your profile. However, it won’t share it with you as that can lead to a decline in user engagement on Instagram.

It is because a considerable number of Instagram users browse through others profile and check out their posts and images. And if Instagram shares the data concerning their activity, these users might stop using the app altogether. And that is going to be bad for Instagram’s business. These users don’t get engaged with other users on Instagram, but still, they see the relevant ads and content. Hence, if the users get called out for their online activity, they might not use the platform anymore.

Use Instagram Stories/Highlights to check who viewed your profile.

Instagram does not provide users with access to see who all are visiting their profiles. However, it enables the users to see who Instagram view their Highlights and Stories. Hence, you can use these features to check the people who have recently viewed your profile. Do you want to use these features to check who Instagram view your profile? If yes, you need to tap on the profile image icon, which is at the bottom corner of the recent Instagram Stories. It will provide you with a list of Instagram users who checked your story. You can also see people who don’t follow you.

The feature enables you to block any user with whom you don’t want to share your Instagram Stories. First, you need to tap on the menu button and choose the “Hide Story” option. It helps you to block anyone you want.

Instagram Stories disappear after every 24 hours. Hence, you need to check this list every day or every time you share an Instagram Story. Do you want a long-term overview of the people visiting your Instagram profile? If yes, check the same list on the Highlights option, and you will have the details of the viewers.

Choose Instagram Business Account to check your profile viewers

You have the option to check who Instagram viewe your Instagram profile by opting in for an Instagram business account. When you have an Instagram business account, you can access vital data about the users visiting your profile. However, there is a catch here!

The Instagram business account will allow you to access essential insights about the users who visit your profile, including their age range, location, gender, and the precise time when they are online. But the insights will not show you the names of any individual user who visited your Instagram profile.

Are you interested in this data? If yes, you can easily switch your personal Instagram account into a business account. For this, you need to browse Instagram and go to the Settings option and click on the “Switch to Business Profile” option. After this, you can link your Instagram account to the Facebook Page you operate from.

It is indeed helpful to know your Instagram viewers! It helps you to keep the posts on the top feeds, attract potential followers and maximize engagement. These are a few ways using which you can check who Instagram view your profile.

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