Celebrities come together on Instagram Live to perform for their fans amidst social distancing

Celebrities come together on Instagram Live to perform for their fans amidst social distancing
June 28, 2020 admin
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Social distancing, lockdown, and stay-at-home were the unifying matrix for common people and celebrities. Every U.S celebrity decided to stay at home to remain safe from the virus. But that doesn’t make things go to a full stop. For creative people and stars, the show should always go on. The famous names like John Legend, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, rapper Cardi B, Demi Lovato, model Chrissy Teigen, and many others chose Instagram Live to connect with their fans and entertain them, during this period of social distancing.

Celebrities and their Instagram initiatives

The famous performers like Chris Martin, Legend, and Ben Gibbard used #TogetherAtHome as a trending hashtag for promoting their streams. The objective was to reach out to those millions who are held back at home suddenly, because of the novel coronavirus. The celebrity live sessions and streams became frequent to keep people engaged and entertained. It was also scope for the fans to connect with their best celebrities at a deeper level.

People usually turn to social media during such testing times! They look for interesting, creative, and positive content to stay hopeful. Other than the safety protocols, people want varied content that would foster in them a community feeling and take the onus of their safety. The live streams by celebrities helped people to realize that their presence matters.

Miley Cyrus and her positive stories

Singer Miley Cyrus took to Instagram Livestream and came up with what she terms as “bright-minded stories.” Her objective was to share feel-good factor news with her fans. The singer teamed up with Devi Lovato, and their post got viewed by over 50 million people on Instagram. Miley Cyrus promised her fans more with Instagram Live, from Monday to Friday, as the world adapts to social distancing. She said that with more creative content taking shape through the live streams, people would witness how one can set up their TV networks. When Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus got together on Instagram Live, they asked each other several interesting questions.

Teigen and Legend live streams

Instagram users also witnessed Teigen and Legend perform songs. They also shared their daily activities, such as cooking. Legend sand “Beauty and the Beast” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water” amongst other tracks.

Other interesting live content

Instagram users saw singer Lizzo hosting a live meditation to bring in peace and calm. Additionally, actresses Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams started an initiative urging parents to read books to their children to stay connected with their kids. Comedian Dave Chappelle and singer John Mayer discussed the pandemic in the Current Mood Live show.

Other celebrities used Instagram Story to encourage their fans to maintain safety protocols and stay at home. During the lockdown phase, Singer Billie Eilish had to postpone her world tour dates because of the pandemic attack. Her fans saw her sharing a lengthy post requesting everyone to stay at home. She shared that she saw several young people clubbing during the lockdown phase, which could be dangerous. It is essential to assume individual responsibility and stay at home.

Instagram became a powerhouse of musicians and artists connecting with their fans to pass through the testing times together. It created a difference in the lives of the performer and fans both.