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    Facemasks are one of the most talked about topics in 2020. This is largely due to the fact that they are being promoted as a viable method to prevent the spread of coronavirus droplets. Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on global society as a whole and dozens of countries are reeling from its effects. While we are still learning how to cope with it, the focus now needs to be on restricting its spread. In order to do this, there are several methods which are being recommended, given how easy they are to comply with. The use of facemasks is just one of them and this has led to facemasks becoming a sought-after item with people all around the word now wearing them.

    How did this come about

    Of course, the reasons why the facemask has become the number one fashion item of the year are not the most pleasant. We are in the grips of a global pandemic that has placed hundreds of countries all around the world under attack. Hundreds of thousands of people have died and millions of cases have been identified. This number continues to rise and there appears to be no end in sight for this devastating outbreak. That is, at least not until we have an effective vaccine. Unfortunately, there can be no guarantees about when a working vaccine will be available. For now, this is something we have to learn to live with.

    Getting influencers involved

    It is not only this aspect of social media that can be channeled to help promote facemasks. Another important way that social media can help during this pandemic is through the use of influencers and public personalities who have thousands and millions of followers. There are plenty of social media users who have legions of fans who regularly check their updates. This is the perfect platform for these users to promote and encourage the use of facemasks and to keep people informed and reminded of the important role facemasks play in the fight against the spread of coronavirus. Some celebrities who have used social media to express their thoughts on this topic have been Jennifer Anniston and Tom Hanks.

    Stay vigilant

    We are at a crucial point in this battle with the invisibly enemy. While we now better understand how the virus works and what are some of the precautions that can be taken to slow its spread, there is still a long way to go to defeat it. At this moment, the important thing to do is to get it under control and make sure that it doesn’tt spread any further. We also need to try and get on with our lives while not letting our guard down. Some of the most effective ways of slowing the spread that have been identified are regularly washing our hands, social distancing and wearing facemasks. These need to be promoted positively in order to convince those that are still lingering in doubt. Social media is one way that can surely play an important role in this task.

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    It has been a turbulent year for pretty much all facets of society and fashion is certainly no different. However, the real surprise in the fashion sector is the item that has emerged as the number one fashion accessory throughout the globe. Apart from some people who are concerned about pollution, facemasks have never seen widespread use and their status as a fashion item has never even been considered. In 2020, this has changed and facemasks are proving to be the must-have fashion item.

    The need for facemasks

    The coronavirus has led to the emergence of the facemask being a bona fide fashion item. Facemasks have been shown to limit the release of droplets that carry coronavirus. By doing so, this lowers the chances of spreading the virus, something that is particularly important in places where it is not possible to properly enforce social distancing. This discovery has seen an increase in the demand for facemasks. In the beginning, people were relying on pharmacies and medical supply stores for their facemasks but now, as the demand surges, people are looking for more options.

    What types of masks are there

     In order to meet this demand, clothing companies are getting involved, as well as big name fashion designers and others who have spotted an opportunity. Additionally, it is not solely restricted to companies that are closely tied to the fashion and clothing industries. All manner of companies have seen a gap in the market to get their brand out there. With this being the case, it is possible to get masks printed with all kinds of things. These range from having the colours of your favourite sports teams to famous paintings or pictures of your pets. The possibilities are endless.

    Masks on social media

    Unfortunately, there is still some resistance to facemasks and, in order to overcome this, we need to convince people of the benefits of it while also redefining the image of facemasks in order to convince those who have doubts about their appearance. Social media can play a pivotal role in getting people’s attention and bringing them around to the idea. On Instagram, the #facemask hashtag is just taking off but it is approaching five million uses at the time of writing. Social media brings a visibility to facemasks and it can show people how they can be worn stylishly and effectively. When most people think of wearing facemasks, they think that they have to be surgical ones that are worn by medical professionals. Another common misconception is that facemasks are only available as plain ones with boring designs in bland colours. This is not the case, however. There is a wide variety of choice to be had and it just requires a bit of research to find the designs and materials that you are looking for.


    Why is social media helpful?

    The visual aspect of social media, already an important feature for the countless fashion and clothing brands that take to it to promote their products, once again proves to be essential for people who are looking to get a better idea of what facemasks suit them best. Social media is full of people who are happy to try them out and share their looks with the wider world.

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