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  • Real Instagram Live Video Engagement Boosters to Spice Up Your InstaTV Content! Instagram Marketing


    Instagram live video views are a hot commodity. The best way to increase Instagram live stream views is by adding fresh and original content to your Instagram Live Video Engagement Boosters that will appeal to all types of audiences, including those who enjoy the occasional selfie or behind-the-scenes moments.

    That’s why it’s important to be sure you’re using the right hashtags for your InstaTV content!

    How can users increase their Instagram live video views?


    Instagram live video views

    Real Instagram Live Video Engagement Boosters to Spice Up Your InstaTV Content! Instagram Marketing

    Instagram has made it very easy to enhance their Instagram Live Video Engagement Boosters by creating hashtags that allow users to effectively categorize their content. For example, if you want a lot of Ig live video views from people who enjoy watching sporting events, the hashtag #sports would give your InstaTV posts more exposure and broad engagement.

    But it’s important to remember that users shouldn’t limit themselves to just one Instagram live video views hashtags. Try including a wide variety of popular Instagram Live Video Engagement Boosters such as #women, #sports, #music and so on – even if you don’t think they’re relevant to your content. In fact, the more hashtags you can successfully incorporate into your Instagram Live Video Engagement Boosters, the better chance you have of being discovered.


    Another great way to achieve more Ig live video views is through geotagging!

    By tagging your content with a specific location that relates to your InstaTV posts, it’s easier for people who are in that area to discover your content. This is also a great way to connect with users who live or work in the area.

    If you need help geotagging your Instagram Live Video Engagement Boosters, take a look at our guide on how to use hashtags and location tagging with Instagram.


    One of the best ways to increase Instagram live video views is by reposting.  Reposting your content not only gives you a chance at more exposure, but it also provides your existing followers with new InstaTV content.

    This is a great way to keep engagement high and comes without any additional effort needed on your part!

    Be sure to check out our guide on how to Repost on Instagram.

    All in all, the best way to increase Insta live video views is by using these three simple strategies. As long as you do what they do and don’t run into any legal issues, there’s no reason why you can’t see great results!

    Here are few FAQs on Instagram video / live stream views.

    Free Instagram live viewers – Does that work?

    – Yes, it can work. There are some techniques that has been proven to be very effective such as hashtags, geotagging and reposting.

    What is the best way to increase Instagram live video views?

    – The best way to increase Insta live video views is by using these three simple strategies: Hashtags #women or #sports which will bring more quality traffic and engagement from your target audience. Also, make sure to use the latest Instagram Live Video Engagement Boosters for increased discoverability!

    How do you get free Instagram live video views?

    – There is no any fast way to get free Ig live video views unless you are willing to put some work in. That’s the reason why we created a detailed guide on how to get more Instagram live viewers easily.

    How can I increase my Instagram live video views?

    – Hashtags and geotagging are very powerful ways to increase your Ig live video views. However there is no guaranteed way of doing it. We have created a step-by-step guide that will help you increase Ig live video views and engagement.

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    Get 500 Instagram Live Video Views


    At the end of last year, Instagram brought out some new updates with features of live video and stories to keep up with changes that get mirrored in other applications on social media. To date, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all offer the option of live video streaming, which helps its users get Instagram views. One of the draws of Instagram’s live streaming features is that it is a spontaneous and momentary connection that can only be seen live, or as it is happening and later disappears without a trace left. The live stream can be viewed by others who join the conversation, allowing a section for commenting and interacting with the account user. Hence, it is interesting to know about Instagram live stream views free.

    The relevance of Instagram live video

    Live video is becoming an increasingly popular tool with Instagram users and a great way to get Instagram video views; with people living with an ’embrace the moment’ attitude, all the focus is on the here, the now, the moment, the conversation. Hence, many people are eager to know how to get Instagram live viewers free.

    After the successful launch of the partner app Boomerang mini video in 2015, Instagram executives realized the popularity of photos and videos. To move with this feature and give its users creative freedom, they upped the video capabilities to allow 60 seconds of video to get recorded and zoom features allowing the cropping of videos to fit the famous square format. These new features have provided its users with a new creative outlet allowing others to truly experience the moment, seeing, hearing, and watching along. Here you can also read about the free Instagram live viewers app.

    Getting more Instagram views for live video

    So how is it people get Instagram views or Instagram live viewers free? To hook followers and get Instagram video views it’s important to understand how the new features work.

    Firstly, to find the section for live video swipe right from the home screen, this will bring up a new dock with all of the video options available; live video, Normal video, Boomerang, and the newest feature, Hands free. From here, you can choose the option that suits what you are looking to shoot. Selecting the settings icon, you can also tailor who can see your live video or, better said, who won’t see it, with the option to block specific users’ access. It is also possible to enable and disable comments in Settings too. Other icons on the screen are flash, change the camera, and to send to the story.

    The most crucial way to hook others and get Instagram video views is to consider what you are going to shoot, consider the angle, consider the subject, how is the lighting? Is the camera blurry? These are all things to consider before you start to shoot, as once you begin, there is no option to pause the stream. Curiosity and alerts from Instagram about others sharing live video is enough for many users to sucked in and take a look but to keep them interested, it’s definitely essential to think about what you shoot. Is it accurate to you or in keeping with your style on Instagram? Will it offend others? Etc.

    How to make the most of Instagram live views?

    Here are some ways that you can employ:

    1. Promote the live session ahead of time

    If you want to leverage all the Instagram live videos, and get more Instagram live video views free, you should ensure that your followers know the time and date of the broad much ahead of time. Hence, you should create post pertaining to the live video topic and share it. That way you can generate a buzz around it. By doing so you will increase the total count of viewers on the board. And when your Instagram check the “live” sign under your profile image, they will get eager to join your live session and provide you with Ig live views free.

    1. Follow a schedule

    You need to remember one thing about your Instagram live video. Make sure not to dip the toe in the water. It would help if you weren’t going live anytime you want. Though you always can, but it’s always better if you practice social media scheduling. Informing people about the broadcast plans will help them and ensure good views as well.

    1. Take time to rehearse

    The Instagram live videos have a chance to intimidate a few users as there aren’t any trial and error. All you have is a single chance to make it correct. It doesn’t indicate that you must be reading off the cue cards. You should know your matter and take time to rehearse. If you get ample familiar with the video content, it will turn out better for you. The moment you are ample confident about the upcoming live stream, you should go ahead. You should click your camera icon on the feed or swipe right. It will enable you to go live.

    1. Make sure to engage with the viewers

    When you are making your Instagram live videos, you should always keep a note on the questions that come in. And later, you will have the chance to write a post as your response. It will show the viewers that you did pay attention to all their requests. And alternatively, you can also arrange a live Q&A session and take time to answer the questions.

    1. It would help if you always created an urgency

    You should always take advantage of the restricted time that Instagram live videos have. It will enable you to generate the free Instagram live views. It would help if you made the viewers that they shouldn’t miss out on your video. One of the best ways to boost your Instagram viewership is to ensure one-time-only promotions as you are generating hype for the live stream. When you provide limited-time-only promo codes it is a wonderful way to enhance the urgency. However, you can opt-in for other methods too. For example, if you have been working with an influencer, you could request them to announce the stream.

    Final thoughts on Instagram live video views

    So those are some things you can think about to get Instagram views yourself, and if you still have no luck, that’s where we come in. We offer packages so you can easily get Instagram video views from genuine accounts while streaming. After all it’s all about the talk and people are more likely to join the video and the conversation if they see a high level of interaction. If you choose to buy with us at Insta4likes you will get Instagram views instantly sent over to your video stream, and you can be assured that they are from 100% genuine users.

    We at Insta4likes take our clients’ business very seriously and we want to provide the best service possible, we offer the utmost discretion so that your followers will be none the wiser that you are using any other service to get Instagram views.

    Our users love this package as it is an instant and easy option to get Instagram views and to boost interest in their account and in their ‘conversation’. So, if you’re big on video and want others to hear your conversation, why not try it out today and get Instagram video views right here on our website.

    The FAQ questions

    How do you get live stream viewers on Instagram?

    If you want to grab maximum eyeballs on an Instagram Live broadcast, you must announce it beforehand to your audience. It is true when you are new on Instagram Live and want more live viewers. The logic is simple. When you want more live viewers, give people the heads up. The other way to ensure that you have more viewers is to opt-in for the interactive Instagram Stories stickers. Today, most people have a tendency to tap through fast on Instagram Stories. Hence, when you add in creative elements, you can grab their attention and also attain instant feedback. It will increase your chances of getting more free Instagram live viewers.

    Can you fake Instagram live views?

    Today, many brands on Instagram often think about whether they can get fake Instagram live views. The answer is both yes and no. At the onset, the obvious answer is no. It’s because the people who you have as your Instagram followers are the ones who will contribute to your Instagram live stream views free. That being said today you also have the chance to purchase the followers who will stay present during your live stream and that way you can get your live views for free.

    Can you promote a live stream on Instagram?

    Most people think that once the live stream on Instagram is over, the job is done. That is not true. And if you think that your job is done, you might not be able to tap the true potential of your Instagram live views free. The moment the live stream ends, you should create a post thanking all those people who showed up for the live stream. During the live stream if there were any technical errors, you might want to apologize for the same. And if you are planning another stream soon, it is a good idea to keep people informed about your next stream by creating hype about it. And if you had already mentioned a CTA during the stream and wish to reinforce it again, you might as well do so. It will enable you to increase your Instagram live video views.

    Do you get paid for Instagram live views?

    It is one of the critical questions that people have in mind when enquiring about free Instagram live views. Something, which is relatively new and not very common within the Instagram app, is that it enables you to tip your best creators or get tipped. This feature is known as badges. And using this feature, an Instagram video creator can get tips worth $0.99, $4.99, $1.99 which gets shown as one, two or three badges beside the person’s name who tipped. It is a theory! However, it is also a fact that Instagram took note to incentivize creators to make use of this feature and maximize Instagram’s live duration. They are required to supplement the tips by having a bonus of their own that equals $500.

    It takes much effort to create and host an attractive and pleasant live video. Do you wish to nail it? Or do you want to send live stream views Instagram? If yes, you must get it done the correct way so that your Instagram audience follows it. Also, it will increase your Instagram live views.