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    A look into fashion models who have been the inspirations through the pandemic lockdown


    Whether you agree or disagree, the fact is Instagram has changed the modeling industry. You don’t have to follow a traditional-style hierarchy to define beauty standards. You can happily follow the one who motivates and represents you. Through Instagram and other social channels, you can explore multiple sources of creativity and inspiration without bothering about the lockdown. It can be the real savior in terms of relief that you must be scouting for during this phase. Some experts believe that social media is the next therapeutic escape, just like Hollywood, that soared during the recession. People started visiting theaters for a respite.

    Today, social media is that portal where you can consume a truckload of content from the comfort of your home, with no mask.

    Right now, most of us are working from home. In this sense, it will be interesting to know what fashion models are doing. Here are some of the leading stars from this field with their Instagram accounts to explore. Let’s check out quickly.

    Fashion models on Instagram during the lockdown

    Jessie Andrews

    The 28-year-old lass is a model, mainstream actor, designer, international DJ, CEO of various brands, and much more. She is a perfect example of a modern woman who can do anything she wants. If you visit her Insta page @jessieandrews, you can see how unabashed she is about her body and sexuality. She inspires her fans to get rid of any stigma about their physical appearance. Jessie mentions that she wants to provide meaningful and exciting content.

    To get through the lockdown, she works on her designing skills and is looking for innovative e-commerce solutions. She is also doing Coursera’s MoMA courses, preparing food, roller-skating, and listening to podcast on the business of fashion.

    Camille Opp

    When you visit the Instagram page of this NYC-based model @camilleopp, you will come across many fascinating pictures of her in a dandelion field, where sunlight is showering a whimsical effect on her features. All her photos are the result of virtual photoshoot through Facetime, and Jen Collins is the man behind it. Her virtual photo sessions manifest the ability of society to innovate solutions for any situation. The model is well-known for her fun-loving entertainment videos. In the lockdown, she is spending quality time with her family and being grateful for all the good things.

    Tara Martin

    Her eyebrows may not match with her platinum-blonde hair, but this LA-based modeling star has featured in Pretty Little Thing, Miss Selfridge, and others. She wanted to create a lookbook for her apparel brand Deck Studio. However, lockdown disturbed all her plans. As a way out, she chose to use digital illustrations for her project in association with an artist and a few select models. On her Instagram page @xtaramartin, she discusses beauty, fashion, and style.

    During the lockdown, she cooks, reads, and does a lot of walking. Her boyfriend, a photographer, is in Manchester, and the two are involved in generating content.

    From this, you can comfortably assume that lockdown may have upset the lives, but the spirit of the people is still high.




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