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  • Most Famous Instagram Dogs


    Most Famous Instagram Dogs

    Although it may be hard to believe for some of you, there are thousands of dogs on Instagram that have way more followers than many human users. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that a canine can’t run an account, let alone a computer. There are people behind these accounts, but the work they’ve done is incredible. We’re going to show you some awesome dog Instagram accounts so you know what we’re talking about. You won’t be able to not follow some of them, we’re sure of that.

    Most Famous Instagram Dogs

    Picture of the two Newfoundlands with the Pomerian.

    Who doesn’t love Shiba Inus? They’re probably one of the most popular breeds on the Internet, and we’ve found one that we’re sure you’re going to love. Maru is a Shiba Inu from Japan, and all the pictures you can find on his account are just beyond cute and adorable.

    One that we’ve specially liked is called >mollythenewfie, which is a three-dog account. Two of them are Newfoundlands and the other one is a Pomerian. The contrast int he pictures is just too cute for us to handle. Check them out! They’re a lovely dog family.

    Pugs also seem to be really in lately. That’s why we want to present you Doug the pug! As any other pug, he’s super adorable. But the pictures on his Instagram are just amazing and make him even cuter than he already is.

    So if you want to cute up your Instagram newsfeed, follow any one of these! We’re sure it’ll cheer you up every time you check for updates.