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  • Hillary Clinton and Katy Perry


    Hillary Clinton and Katy Perry

    So the other day Katy Perry took over Hillary Clinton’s Instagram and posted her own pics. Yeah, you’ve read it correctly. She literally posted on Hillary’s personal Instagram account! And no, she’ didn’t “hack” her account or something, it was totally legit. Why? Well, to support her political campaign, of course!

    Hillary clinton & katy perry

    Hillary Clinton and Katy Perry

    One of Katy Perry’s pictures uploaded to Hillary Clinton’s Instagram.
    As you all may already know (or should know, at least), Hillary Clinton is running for president in the 2016 campaign. And, of course, Katy Perry supports her and wanted everyone toknow through social media. However, she didn’t take this matter in a serious way like most people would. She made it fun, silly and attractive! And you know how much we love that kind of content on Instagram.

    For starters, she uploaded a picture of her nails with a huge H and 2016 in red, white and blue. In the caption, she mentions that she’s Katy Perry using Hillary’s account and shows her support. She also uploaded a selfie with Mrs. Clinton, also signed by her. They were both in Iowa for her campaign, and Katy had done a live concert dressed in white with a red and blue turbant. You know, to represent!

    We think this is a lovely idea to show you support for someone or something. Katy is definitely very original at these sort of things, and Hillary is extremely glad to receive this kind of support.