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  • Good and Bad Instagram Postures?


    Good and Bad Instagram Postures? It might seem as if most girls on Instagram have the perfect body. When we check lots of blogger accounts, for example, they all seemed to have a great toned body, beautiful hair, etc. But Madalin Giorgetta, as well as many other women on Instagram, have come to show us that not everything is what it seems on this social platform.

    Instagram Postures

    Instagram Postures

    Two different pictures taken only minutes apart. The only thing that changes is her posture.

    Madalin Giorgetta recently uploaded a picture made up of two different pictures of her taken on the same day, just a few minutes apart. In one picture she has a natural relaxed posture and in the other picture she is flexing her muscles, so she looks slimmer and more toned when, in reality, she’s physically the same in both pictures. She wanted to show all her followers that, in most cases, it’s all a matter of how you pose for the camera.

    However, many people claimed in the comments section that she had edited the “toned” picture and photoshopped parts of her body. To prove to these people that both pictures were her body without any modifications, she later posted a video where she started in the “flexed” postures and progressively relaxed to end up like the “relaxed” posture. Thanks to this video, more people had their eyes opened and realized that most of the bodies they were dreaming of having were just specific postures that made you look a certain way!